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Louis Vuitton connects the world traveler through its latest design

July 12, 2017

Louis Vuitton promotes its Connected Watch, Tambour Horizon


French fashion label Louis Vuitton is taking wearers of its latest watch design on a journey, enabling adventure-seekers with a connected experience.

Tambour Horizon is Louis Vuitton’s latest connected watch, which combines personalization, fashion and technology together in one design. Louis Vuitton's coinciding campaign is focusing on travel and adventure seeking, as the connected watch itself enables seamless travel.

“Louis Vuitton is looking to create a unique experience in a secure and protected way to learn more about their customers,” said Kelly Stickel, CEO and founder of Remodista, Chicago. “This watch will help share content that your everyday customer isn't going to get without owning the watch.

“You can build it out the customers preferences on the back end of the actual product,” she said. “By creating this watch they are ensuring that their product is very personal.

“Personalization is key in regards to winning over the customer, as they want a unique and engaging experience.”

Ms. Stickel is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton, but agreed to comment as an industry expert. Louis Vuitton was reached for comment.

Connecting experiences
Louis Vuitton teased the reveal of its watch through a series of teaser trailers throughout social media. The Tambour Horizon was officially announced on Instagram July 11.

Louis Vuitton's still campaign for Tambour Horizon 

As a representation of the ability to change the faces of the watch, a short video on Instagram shows a multitude of individuals with a close up on their faces, surrounded by the outline of a clock. The range of diverse individuals speaks about time and adventure in the video.

Swedish fashion photographer Mikael Jannson provided the still imagery for the campaign in which models sport the watch on a unique architectural structure in the dessert.

Louis Vuitton's video campaign for its connected watch. Image credit: Louis Vuitton 

The watch itself is built to be a companion to the traveler. A feature within the watch allows users to view recommendations in big cities from Louis Vuitton without having to leave the connected watch screen.

Tambour Horizon will look into the best venues that are open near the user.

Louis Vuitton is also encouraging Tambour Horizon owners to download the Louis Vuitton Pass application. Users will be able to have access to anything brand-related right on their wrists.

Style and technology
Luxury watchmakers are becoming intertwined with technology and many are creating their own smart watches.

For instance, Richemont-owned Montblanc is demonstrating the ways in which fine watchmaking can meet the digital age with the release of its first smartwatch.

The Montblanc Summit combines traditional horology codes with the latest in wearable technology, an approach to smartwatch manufacturing that has generated success for a number of watchmakers. Although the smartwatch category has not overrun traditional timepieces, brands must show a willingness to embrace new technology, especially as the sector sees waning consumer interest (see more).

LVMH-owned watchmaker Tag Heuer honored horological tradition with the introduction of a truly modular smartwatch, the Connected Modular 45.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 has been designed, developed and assembled in the same spirit and exacting standards of the brand’s analog timepieces, but with Intel and Google technologies. For the first time, Tag Heuer Connected wearers can interchange watch components to fit their mood, similar to customizations seen on a traditional watch (see more).

“The reason this is unique is because this is the first product to market of its kind,” Remodista's Ms. Stickel said. “Louis Vuitton is finding a way to make an elegant luxurious journey for their customer.

“Their ideal customer wants an exclusive experience,” she said. “Wearable technology can improve your life and Louis Vuitton is taking notice of that to make their products unique and geared toward their customers' preferences and lifestyles.”