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Luxury brands missing out by not catering to minorities: Buzz Marketing

November 9, 2016

Affluent consumer Affluent consumer


Multicultural millennials may have a wider range of options to bring their business to, but 95 percent of the demographic claims to be loyal to the brands they have an affinity for, according to Buzz Marketing Group.

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1 thought on “Luxury brands missing out by not catering to minorities: Buzz Marketing”

  1. Cory Tyler says:

    I really resonated with your findings in this article, Brielle. For years I’ve noticed that the majority of luxury marketing appears to appeal to Caucasian audiences. It’s refreshing to read that “72 percent of respondents think highly of a brand that caters directly to their demographic and prefer it.” This is encouraging and I’m hoping that luxury brands will take a vested interest in appealing to multi-ethnicities and groups.

    Variety is the spice of life, especially if millenials of various backgrounds can afford these luxury products and services.

    Thanks for taking time to research, write and make your thoughts on this subject available.


    Cory Tyler