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Montblanc turns holiday gifting into entertainment via film alignment

November 16, 2017

Montblanc's new video has a holiday theme. Image credit: Montblanc


Richemont-owned brand Montblanc is tapping into the showmanship and grandeur of the life of P.T. Barnum in a new spot featuring brand ambassador Hugh Jackman.

The short serves doubly as an advertisement for Montblanc and the upcoming film "The Greatest Showman" about the life of Mr. Barnum. As the holiday season approaches, brands such as Montblanc are upping their marketing pushes and relying on some of the biggest holiday releases to boost their profile ahead of the holidays.

The Greatest Showman
Mr. Barnum was the creator of one of the most beloved circus acts in history and his large personality has made an impact that lasts to this day.

While the circus he helped create shut down earlier this year due to low attendance and high costs, Mr. Barnum himself is stepping into the spotlight in a new film called The Greatest Showman, a musical drama starring Mr. Jackman.

Montblanc watches. Image credit: Montblanc

Mr. Jackman has been a brand ambassador for Montblanc since the middle of last year, and that partnership continues in a new short film that serves as both an advertisement for Montblanc and the new film.

In a short video, Mr. Jackman appears in character as Mr. Barnum leading a grand tour of his circus.

The video contains a snippet of one of the songs from the movie that Mr. Jackman and the circus act perform together. He then pulls back a curtain, revealing Montblanc watches.

He goes on to talk about how they make the perfect gift for someone during the “most festive time of the year.”

The short film ends with Mr. Jackman wishing everyone a happy holiday season with Montblanc.

Holiday season
Montblanc extended its relationship with Mr. Jackman last year, naming him its North American brand ambassador.

Chosen for his “pioneering spirit” that reflects the brand’s values, Mr. Jackman has been Montblanc's global brand ambassador of international markets since 2014. In his new role, timed to coincide with Montblanc’s 110th anniversary, the actor will appear in campaigns and make event appearances (see story).

Most recently, Montblanc has begun venturing into the smartwatch market.

The Greatest Showman. Image credit: Montblanc

Montblanc is demonstrating the ways in which fine watchmaking can meet the digital age with the release of its first smartwatch.

The Montblanc Summit combines traditional horology codes with the latest in wearable technology, an approach to smartwatch manufacturing that has generated success for a number of watchmakers. Although the smartwatch category has not overrun traditional timepieces, brands must show a willingness to embrace new technology, especially as the sector sees waning consumer interest (see story).

As the holiday season approaches, Montblanc is pulling out all the stops to get customers in the festive shopping mood. With its plans to create more smartwatches and other connected devices on the horizon, Montblanc needs to see a strong showing this winter to support that expansion.