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News briefs

Neuroscience, Airbnb, Cartier and Toll Brothers – News briefs

February 17, 2017

Image courtesy of Cartier Image courtesy of Cartier


Today in luxury marketing:

Rich people literally see the world differently

The way you view the world depends on the culture you come from — in a granular, second-by-second sense. If you present a Westerner and an East Asian with the same visual scene, for instance, the former is more likely to focus on individual objects, and the latter will likely take in more of the scene as a whole. East Asians are more holistic in their thinking, the research indicates; Westerners are more analytic, per New York Magazine.

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Airbnb is officially getting into the luxury vacation home business
Now nearly 10 years later, Airbnb has expanded from a cheap air mattress in a crowded city apartment to renting out townhouses in Tuscany or geodesic domes in Californias, reports Business Insider.

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Cartier makes major retail push on WeChat

For Valentine’s Day, Cartier China decided to offer WeChat users a special delivery of sorts, says Women's Wear Daily.

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Toll Brothers to pay New York-condo taxes to attract buyers

Luxury developer Toll Brothers Inc. has a deal for those shopping for a condo in Manhattan: buy something soon, and we’ll pay the taxes on your purchase, according to Bloomberg.

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