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Prada refreshes spring campaign with 5 separate identities

January 12, 2017

Prada 365 campaign for 2017 spring/summer Prada 365 campaign for 2017 spring/summer


Italian fashion house Prada is reformulating the traditional seasonal advertising campaign with a multifaceted story that shows off its spring/summer collection as varying identities.

Prada, 365 is the designer’s new method of imagining a traditional advertising campaign. Instead of just one campaign to last the season, Prada has introduced five interpretations of the same story of which content will be released throughout the year.

"Prada has been a innovative leader in both design and advertising since Miuccia Prada assumed the role as creative director in the early nineties," said John Tutolo, creative director at Totem Creative. "The new direction is reflective of selling strategies evolving in response to the growth of the web, social media and buy now/ wear now fashion presentations.

"The customer is inundated with images daily and one campaign stretching over several months in print no longer has the visual impact and power it did before these multi communication channels existed," he said.

Campaign innovation
The 2017 spring/summer advertising is Prada’s new method of a fashion campaign that, like its own audience, will span a variety of lifestyles and narratives for one collection. The diversity of the campaign will reflect the designer’s collection being able to span multiple lifestyles, catering to each unique individual.

Five facets of the campaign are named Pathways, Frontiers, Stations, Exits and Terrains, each with a varying imagery. They are all separate scenes but from the same story.

prada 365

Prada 365's " Stations"

Prada is hoping to convey the evolving needs and desires of individuals.

A film for the campaign has been released on Prada’s digital channels. The editing and cinematography is indicative of a thriller film, with an intense score that boasts a strong African-like drumbeat.

It shows various individuals traveling through diverse settings while modeling Prada’s spring/summer collection. Some are running through stairs and buildings of an urban scene, while others somber through an office setting.

Prada 365

Prada 365's "Exits"

A few images depict a woman sleeping on a beach, fully dressed, while another stares at the sunset clad in swimwear. The clip reminds the viewer of film trailer, enticing consumers to stay tuned for the rest of the campaign to spill out throughout the year.

Prada prodigies
Recently, Prada further traversed the fluid identities of La Femme et Home fragrances in a recent virtual reality application.

Surrounding its new fragrance launch, La Femme Prada for women and L’Homme Prada for men, Prada developed a marketing concept that featured multiple women and men, but who were shown to have interchangeable identities. The campaign works to show that La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada characterize the Italian fashion house’s consumers into a bundle of total brand identity (see more).

The Italian fashion house also asked viewers to decode what is experience, what is memory and what is dream in a silent short film collaboration with writer/director David O. Russell.

After a series of teaser images shared to Instagram, Prada used the photo sharing application’s newest feature, Stories, to broadcast snippets of the “Past Forward” premiere in cities such as London, New York and Tokyo. Prada scripted Past Forward as a silent film, and Instagram’s image-based platform ensures that the feature can be enjoyed by its global audience (see more).

"This evolution in advertising will provide the customers more aspirational and self identifying imagery as well as seasonally appropriate promotion," Mr. Tutolo said. "Optimistically this will extend full price selling periods, greater retail profits and stronger engagement between brand and consumer.

"As Prada has always been a innovative leader in this forum, her influence will most likely be mirrored by several brands in the near future," he said.