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Rémy Martin toasts to the good life with new XO campaign

January 25, 2022

Li Yifeng stars in Rémy Martin campaign. Image credit: Rémy Martin


French Cognac brand Rémy Martin is targeting a new generation of pleasure-seekers with a new XO campaign.

Starring Chinese actor, singer and brand ambassador Li Yifeng, the XO film serves as a call to action — to not wait for the good things in life, but rather enjoy them now. The brand invites its audiences to enjoy excellence today — and a glass of Cognac.

In the moment
The new vignette exudes luxury. From the high-end cocktail parties to the rooftop city skyline views, it represents the good in life.

“Good things in life take time, but most of us don’t like to wait,” Mr. Li says in a voiceover. “We want to enjoy life and live for today — is it too much to ask? Are we too impatient?”


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Li Yifeng enjoys the good in life today — not tomorrow

Mr. Li is depicted enjoying himself at a chic art exhibit, hugging friends, engaging in thoughtful conversation all while sipping on a glass of Rémy Martin Cognac.

“Excellence doesn’t stand still, waiting for us,” he says. “It’s up to us to go create these moments together.”

The young actor is shown walking through a dimly lit, luxurious soiree. He meets with his friends on the steps of a grand staircase — all of them drinking Rémy Martin.

“Time is precious, so we should make sure we’re spending it on only the best,” he says. “Living our best years now, rather than waiting for them.”

As part of this celebration, the brand hopes the hedonistic campaign will reach a younger, new generation of individuals who seek out life’s greatest pleasures in the present moment.


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A post shared by Rémy Martin (@remymartin)

The campaign reinforces the theme that, in luxury, no one waits for excellence.

Call to culture
Throughout its history as a brand, Rémy Martin has set out to understand and amplify the way culture impacts the world, especially through music.

In April 2021, the brand celebrated the union of two cultures — music and cognac — in a thought-provoking campaign with multi-Grammy Award winning artist Usher. The “Team Up for Excellence” film highlighted the cultural connection between Cognac and jazz, blues and hip-hop since 1917, and how they have been historically intertwined.

From blues and swing dancing to hip-hop and breakdancing, Usher and Rémy Martin journeyed through nine decades in France and the United States. Imagined in collaboration with creative agency Fred & Farid New York, the campaign pays tribute to the styles and rhythm from the 1920s until present day (see story).

In December 2020, celebrating the same relationship between Cognac and music but through a film series featuring Grammy-nominated recording artist 6LACK (pronounced “black”).

In the “Ground’s Melody” series, 6LACK reveals how music is strongly influenced by the cities and communities in which it was created, similar to the production of Cognac. The first episode focused on 6LACK’s hometown of Atlanta, which was followed by a second episode paying tribute to the Los Angeles community which has fostered musical excellence for generations (see story).