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Rémy Martin highlights local sounds of musical cities

December 15, 2020

The second episode of Ground’s Melody series focuses on Los Angeles. Image credit: Rémy Martin


French Cognac brand Rémy Martin is celebrating the cultures of Cognac and music through a film series featuring a Grammy-nominated recording artist.

Appearing in the “Ground’s Melody” series, 6LACK (pronounced "black") reveals how music is strongly influenced by the cities and communities in which it was created, similar to the production of Cognac. The first episode focused on 6LACK’s hometown of Atlanta, while the newest chapter pays tribute to the Los Angeles community which has fostered musical excellence for generations.

Ground’s Melody
Alternative R&B artist and three-time Grammy-nominated recording artist, 6LACK is the most streamed R&B artist behind Frank Ocean. His debut project FREE 6LACK recently went platinum and his second album East Atlanta Love Letter peaked at number three on the Billboard 200 and number one on the Top R&B Albums.

With the spotlight on Los Angeles, 6LACK explains how the city’s energy comes from within its people. Originating from the community, a rich musical history continues to charge the city.

Great artists of the past and those in pursuit of their dreams today, have traveled to Los Angeles from around the world, each with a similar dedication and perseverance to perfect their craft.

6LACK for Rémy Martin. Image credit: Rémy Martin

In both music creation and Cognac production, there is an admiration for the communities that foster a culture of excellence. For music, inspiration is drawn from the beat of a city, neighborhood or territory: each of these carrying the heart and soul of those who live there.

Rémy Martin only produces its spirits in Cognac, France, making it unique in its quality and craft. This physical ground which has cultivated Rémy Martin's legacy and spirit is the reason the Cognac house stands firmly behind its terroir.


Historically, Rémy Martin has celebrated the music that brings people together. For instance, the Rémy Producers series honored the exploration of new sounds from local level artists and created a new platform for music producers and DJs.

This program provided these emerging artists with mentorship from industry leaders, including Grammy-award winning talent. This past summer, Rémy Martin announced the first-ever "House Beats Challenge," led by globally recognized music producers, where fans had the chance to submit a beat using sounds from their home for a chance to win a VIP event with talent to foster mentorship.

Ground's Melody is the newest chapter in Rémy Martin's legacy of celebrating community, creativity and quality in the global music scene.

Drop of sound
Brands have routinely married the culture and experience of cognac and music.

Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII communicated the complexity and impact of a single drop of its Cognac through a composition that centers on a sole musical note. Louis XIII worked with jazz composer Yaron Herman to create “One Note Prelude,” a piece centered on the G-sharp pitch created by the sound of two Cognac glasses clinking.

The original score follows the house’s other musical and cultural partnerships that sought to convey its craftsmanship in a creative manner (see story).

LVMH-owned Cognac brand Hennessy celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by teaming with Colombian recording artist Maluma.

Through the partnership, Maluma had a first hand look at the craftsmanship behind Cognac. Hennessy champions diversity and toasts to creative individuals who embody its “Never Stop. Never Settle.” philosophy.

Hennessy invited Maluma to tour its Maison in Cognac, France, where he met with Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, the eighth generation Master Blender, and Maurice Hennessy, an eighth generation member of the Hennessy family (see story).