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Rémy Martin gets into the family spirit for Lunar New Year

February 2, 2022

A new campaign celebrating Chinese New Year features a cast of recognizable figures, including fashion influencer Jessica Wang. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin


French Cognac brand Rémy Martin is bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary with its “Family Spirit” Lunar New Year campaign and special edition decanter.

Celebrating adventure, curiosity, life and the Year of the Tiger, the “Family Spirit” campaign honors the bond formed across generations of family and friends. To complement the campaign, Rémy Martin has released an XO Red limited-edition bottle that aims to observe its own brand heritage as well as Chinese culture.

"'Family Spirit' honors tradition while showcasing the many ways that people celebrate Lunar New Year today, whether with family or great friends," said Tina Reejsinghani, vice president at Rémy Martin Americas, New York. "The family portraits capture an essence of the past through a modern lens, alongside Rémy Martin XO which has long been a fixture on the table of Lunar New Year celebrations."

Celebrating family
To bring the campaign to life, Rémy Martin tapped fashion influencer Jessica Wang, Michelin-star chef Brandon Jew and photographer and stylist Christina Paik to express how they honor their heritage and what family means to them.

With 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 5.2 million followers on TikTok, Ms. Wang is a major fashion influencer based in New York. She also regularly posts style content to her fashion and lifestyle blog NotJessFashion.

Christina Paik was accompanied by friends for the campaign. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin

Mr. Jew is the owner and head chef of Mamahuhu and Mister Jius in San Fransisco. He has earned one Michelin star and was nominated for James Beard Awards in 2018 and 2020.

A Korean-American artist, photographer and stylist known for her portrait photographs, Ms. Paik has worked with numerous top models and artists around the world.

Jessica Wang also appeared in a short campaign film for Rémy Martin

In a series of photographs shot by Michelle Watt, who is known for conceptualizing and executing surreal, whimsical depictions of culture, the three stars of the campaign are shown among their loved ones.

The images mirror traditional family portraits, as Ms. Watt and the brand intended to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the campaign. The photographs are colorful, opulent and dynamic.

The brand’s limited-edition Rémy Martin XO Red Cognac is prominently centered in each photograph.

Designed specifically for Chinese New Year, a festive red and gold box opens to reveal a decanter with gold foil and special illustrations. The Cognac features notes of plum, fig, candied orange, cinnamon, hazelnut, honey, ginger, saffron, cocoa beans, jasmine and walnut.

The XO Red limited edition bottle is available for purchase in stores nationwide and currently retails for $229 on ReserveBar.

Beyond Cognac, Rémy Martin also released a limited-edition Lunar New Year jacket in collaboration with livestream shopping platform NTWRK and designer Sue Tsa.

NTWRK is a mobile-first platform built on the model of daily product drops, livestream shopping festivals and exclusive partnerships with brands and creators.

Mr. Jew posed with his wife for the campaign. Image courtesy of Rémy Martin

One exclusive Rémy Martin Lunar New Year jacket is available at NTWRK for a limited time with proceeds going to the global nonprofit organization Asia Society, which aims to elevate the voices of the Asian community.

Expanding reach
Rémy Martin seems to be reaching for a broader customer base through recent, more diverse campaigns.

Last week, the Cognac brand released an XO campaign starring Chinese actor, singer and brand ambassador Li Yifeng calling all pleasure-seekers.

The film served as a call to action — to not wait for the good things in life, but rather enjoy them now. The brand invites its audiences to enjoy excellence today — and a glass of Cognac (see story).

In December 2021, the brand honor Latin culture with a culinary-themed collaboration. The “Sabor de Sobremesa” campaign celebrated a common experience in many Latin and global cultures: the familial lingering at the table after a filling meal, often accompanied by dessert and cocktails.

Rémy Martin worked with New York-based Stephen “Chef Papi” Rodriguez and Chicago-based chef Diana Dávila to elaborate on what sobremesas mean to them in individual films (see story).

"With almost 300 years of history, Rémy Martin is a brand that is steeped in tradition, and we value a similar timeless celebration that is showcased in 'Family Spirit,'" Ms. Reejsinghani said. "We acknowledge how moments of excellence from the past have inspired long-lasting traditions that continue to be honored and are revisited in the spirit of the New Year."