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Rolls-Royce boasts Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge winners

October 6, 2022

Ms. Bi crafted “Stitched Urban Skin." Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce


British automaker Rolls-Royce is celebrating artists who have captured the brand’s essence with the inaugural Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge.

The automaker tapped an expert jury in selecting three winners who created textile artworks inspired by the brand's Spirit of Ecstasy figurine which adorns Rolls-Royce vehicles. The challenge falls under Muse, the Rolls-Royce Arts program.

“The Spirit of Ecstasy continues to be our muse for the ongoing pursuit of excellence. She embodies what we as the House of Rolls-Royce stand for: strive for perfection, attention to detail and timeless beauty,” said Anders Warming, director of design of Rolls-Royce, in a statement.

“It is fascinating to see our icon being transformed into these three very unique expressions, pushing technical and conceptual boundaries.”

Capturing the spirit
The three winners of the Spirit of Ecstasy Challenge are Bi Rongrong, Ghizlane Sahli and Scarlett Yang.

Each artist developed a unique interpretation of the Rolls-Royce symbol. As part of the experience, each artist also met with the automaker’s master craftspeople before crafting their own creations.

Ms. Sahli created a sculpture honoring the attitude of the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine. Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce

Ms. Bi crafted “Stitched Urban Skin” which consists of three suspended layers of two-dimensional sheets, an animated LED light sheet and a Perspex sheet that utilizes a traditional Chinese crochet technique. Her piece aims to honor the meticulous craftsmanship of Rolls-Royce.

Ms. Sahli created a sculpture honoring the attitude of the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine. Her sculpture is composed almost entirely of recycled materials including plastic bottles, metal armatures, aluminum and copper.

Ms. Yang took a futuristic approach to the challenge, highlighting her innovative style, which drives her approach to art. The artist is known for experimenting with biomaterials and virtual technologies to create sculptural garments.

All of the artists’ winning work is on display at an exhibition at Cromwell Place in London from Oct. 5 –Oct. 8. After this, the work will be presented on a global tour.

Rolls-Royce continues to set itself apart in the automotive world through its immense dedication to artistic expression.

Last month, the luxury motor company put its resources towards cultivating an immersive moving-image exhibition with one artist in particular, as evidenced in campaign films dropped back-to-back (see story).