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Valentino gives Lady Gaga a voice for self-expression in new fragrance campaign

October 8, 2020

Lady Gaga in the Voce Viva fragrance film. Image credit: Valentino


Italian luxury fashion house Valentino is celebrating self-expression with a new fragrance campaign starring Lady Gaga.

The Voce Viva fragrance campaign features the Oscar-winning actor and singer in a red Valentino gown near Los Angeles singing a stripped-down version of “Sine From Above,” from her most recent album Chromatica. Throughout the vignette, she is echoed by a chorus of diverse singers.

“Lady Gaga is an icon for inclusivity,” said Aleni Mackarey, chief operating officer of Base Beauty Creative Agency, New York. “By positioning her as the face of their new fragrance, Valentino will take on Lady Gaga's unapologetic and empowered fashion choices, song lyrics and public commentary.”

Fresh face, floral fragrance
As many brands have done this year, the film was shot near Ms. Gaga’s home in Los Angeles to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved with the campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Rain On Me” singer is seen in a wooded area outside Los Angeles, as the other singers are seen in staircases, on roofs and looking longingly through windows.

“My singing voice is an expression of my entire body as it connects to all of humanity,” Ms. Gaga tells the brand in an interview. “My voice is what I stand for. The voice that inspired me the most in my personal life was the voices of women.”

Voce Viva, the new fragrance by Valentino Beauty

In collaboration with L.A.-based director Harmony Korin and Ms. Gaga, Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli aimed to celebrate equality and individuality through the new fragrance and campaign. Freedom and confidence exudes through the screen as a fresh-faced Lady Gaga sings and gallivants through the woods.

The new fragrance is warm and floral, including notes of Italian bergamot, sweet mandarin, orange blossom absolute, golden gardenia and crystal moss.

Lady Gaga sat down with Valentino for an intimate conversation

The glass geometric bottle exemplifies the values and femininity of Valentino and Voce Viva, while the iconic Valentino rockstud detail on the cap portrays modernity and edginess to balance the gentle and warm nature of the fragrance.

A new voice for Valentino
In comparison to past campaigns, Valentino has recently tapped into themes of individualism, freedom and expression. From the new eyewear collection campaign released this past summer to the most recent Voce Viva campaign, Valentino seems to be moving towards a more eccentric identity (see story).

The label also recently celebrated creativity in an interactive feature on its site.

Chez Maison Valentino is the label’s animated interpretation of its history told through the different rooms of its Roman headquarters, Palazzo Mignanelli. Interactive campaigns have becoming more popular as brands navigate a changing world and aim to engage consumers amid the coronavirus crisis (see story).

As an icon of self-awareness, confidence and positivity for an entire generation, Lady Gaga perfectly embodies Valentino’s new message of “my voice, my strength.” She is the quintessential image of self-empowerment and empower others with her platform.

There is a sense that luxury brands like Valentino might be moving away from materialism and towards meaningful messaging. Brands have increasingly catered their campaigns toward the human condition — an exchange of stories as opposed to an exchange of goods.

“We have entered an emotional economy,” Ms. Mackarey said. “Rather than buying things she wants or needs, today's consumer will make passion-driven purchases.

“Brands who find ways to connect with her through storytelling, values and authentic partnerships will grow.”