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Valentino takes cues from Candid Camera to surprise consumers

July 17, 2017

Still from Valentino's film the "Expect the Unexpected". Image credit: Valentino


Italian fashion house Valentino is taking a unique approach to a film campaign with unscripted footage that surprises its participants.

“Expect the Unexpected” is Valentino’s latest film that stars its Rockstud Spike handbag and uses a common trope seen on social media to grab viewers. Those featured in the video were unaware they were being filmed while it was happening and were pranked by the brand.

"The element of surprise is helpful to keep an audience hooked," said Jeff Pearsons, GiLA, Los Angeles. "While viewers and unsuspecting persons in the video will remember the campaign for a long time."

Mr. Pearsons is not affiliated with Valentino but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Expect the unexpected
In the beginning of Valentino’s video, text appears reading, “On the streets of Brick Lane, Rockstud Spike stars in a real camera candid moment. No real cat was in the bag.”

In the background, viewers can hear cats meowing. The video begins and it becomes clear that the meowing is coming from the Valentino handbag, which is sitting alone on a street bench.

One man walks by perplexed, and another leans his ear against the bag. Another starts to ask around if there is a cat in the bag, concerned, while others point and laugh.

The video continues to cut between various people’s reactions, and as the video goes on individuals become more concerned. Within each clip, different crowds begin to form, all perplexed from the sound of felines coming from a small handbag.

One group of people begins touching it with a stick and moving the bag around with force, scared something will jump out at them. Another uses their feet to see if something is inside.

The video ends with a clip of one man doing a somersault and kicking the bag with force, while others laugh.

A similar video with candid moments shows passersby on the streets of London coming in contact with a street salesman. He attempts to sell the real Valentino handbag for 200 pounds, which shocks all of those who check out the bags.

It is hard for them to believe the handbags are genuine.

Valentino marketing
The Italian fashion house is often developing unique and interesting campaigns that stand out amongst the crowd.


For instance, Valentino followed up on its New York Diary video series with a London-themed version that represents the diversity and eclectic style of the city.

The video series, called "London Diary," promotes the brand’s new Rockstud Pike bag, of which the current campaign is built off of. Each video’s short length and light content makes it perfect for viewing on mobile and while browsing social media (see more).

Valentino also reminded consumers to not jump to conclusions about bands of young men walking the city streets.

In a looks can be deceiving-type effort, Valentino’s fall/winter 2017 menswear collection campaign follows a group of millennial-aged men as they walk the streets of London. While their intentions are unknown at the campaign video’s start, Valentino’s fall/winter 2017 effort ends on a heartwarming note of fun and kindness (see more).

"Video is one of the biggest drivers in grabbing audience's attentions in today's over saturated industry," Mr. Pearsons said.