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Waterford brings kinship to Times Square for 2019

December 28, 2018

Waterford Crystal NYE 2019 The Waterford Crystal Ball for Times Square Eve. Image credit: Waterford


Irish crystal maker Waterford returns to Times Square in New York to welcome 2019 with the spirit of harmony.

Waterford and Times Square New Year’s Eve, the organizer of the annual celebration, invite revelers to share in the “Gift of Harmony,” the sixth gift in the 10-year “Greatest Gift” Series that will decorate the Waterford Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball through 2023. For 20 years since the start of the new millennium, Waterford has designed new, signature cut crystal patterns to decorate the Waterford Ball’s panels (see story).

"The iconic Waterford Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball has counted down to the New Year with revelers from all over the world, inspiring celebration and merriment which is central and core to Waterford DNA, the icon of Irish conviviality since 1783," said Tom Brennan, spokesperson and master artisan at Waterford Crystal Americas, New York. "New Year’s Eve is a holiday that encourages us to reflect upon the past year and band together as we share in celebration of what’s to come in the year ahead."

New year wishes
Each year, Waterford helps usher in the New Year with a special sensibility to share with a global audience, such as imagination or kindness. This year’s theme honors harmony, or peaceful agreement.

"At the end of the series, there will be a total of 10 different designs," Mr. Brennan said. "Each gift reflects sentiments that are shared during the holidays – sentiments that everybody around the world can share as opposed to materialistic gifts."

The updated Waterford crystal ball was installed at Times Square on Dec. 27. This December, 192 of the 2,688 Waterford Crystal panels in the ball are replaced with a new signature cut crystal pattern.

Instagram post from Waterford

In addition to the Waterford crystals, which weigh more than a ton, the Ball will be illuminated by more than 32,000 LED lights as billions of viewers around the globe will watch it descend at midnight on New Year's Eve.

"The evening is accented with 'all that glitters' – jewelry, clothing, decorations, toasts – all celebratory accolades no matter the festivities' location," said Rebecca Miller, founder/CEO of Miller & Company, New York. "Waterford produces many of the products that are used in such celebratory moments, from table top, to office and home decor to holiday decorations."

For consumers who want to add a touch of revelry and sparkle to their own homes, Waterford sells the 2019 Gift of Harmony collection. It includes commemorative ornaments, a snow globe and flutes.

Waterford 2019 Ornament

2019 Times Square triangle ornament. Image credit: Waterford

Wateford also shared scenes from the installation on its Instagram account, giving fans of the crystal maker a closer look at the annual tradition. Snippets on Instagram Stories showed craftsmen installing the updated Waterford panel and testing the colorful lights ahead of the big drop.

"Social media is a powerful tool for sharing a brand’s heritage and products through a medium that engages a broad audience," Ms. Miller said. "A peak behind the curtain – another invitation to join the 'family' behind the brand while images provide inspiration and ideas on how to use products in every aspect of their lives – personally, professionally and during events, including public settings, draw further interest."

Bringing jewelry to life
Luxury jewelers will often turn to special events in an effort to introduce wider audiences to the house's legacy.

French jeweler Chaumet hosted an exhibit that gave visitors a close look at two centuries of the house’s traditions and creations.

The exhibition, "The Worlds of Chaumet: The Art of Jewelry since 1780," was held at the Mitsubischi Ichigokan Museum of Tokyo until Sept. 17. About 300 pieces, including some of the brand’s famous tiaras, were featured.

“The Worlds of Chaumet” is the first time these works will be displayed in Japan. The jeweler is paying tribute to Japanese culture and displaying creations inspired by the East Asian nation (see story).

U.S. jeweler Tiffany & Co. also brought its out of home marketing initiative for its Paper Flowers collection to a Singapore bakery.

As part of a special event for the new collection, Tiffany transformed Singapore’s Tiong Bahru Bakery into a branded location.

In addition the bakery takeover, Tiffany extended Tiong Bahru’s presence to the front of its store. A pop-up bakery was featured in front of the store the length of the campaign, with an area to take branded photos to share on social media (see story).

"Brands, perhaps more than ever now, are trying to be seen as authentic and responsible global citizens," Ms. Miller said. "Those who have a strong heritage to share often have an additional advantage, if used wisely."