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Asprey makes Valentine’s push via playful London getaway

February 10, 2017

Still from Asprey's "Every Gift Has a Story" Still from Asprey's "Every Gift Has a Story"


British luxury goods house Asprey is focusing on the narrative behind gifting in an effort depicting young love.

Shot at the Langham Hotel, “Every Gift Has a Story” tells the tale of a couple’s Valentine’s Day, as a mishap turns into a romantic moment. Timed to reach last-minute shoppers, the film debuted on Asprey's social channels less only a week before the holiday.

Hotel holiday
Asprey’s film opens as a man pulls up outside of the hotel. A doorman is seen placing a pile of Asprey’s purple boxes and bags onto a cart.

The passenger gets out of the vehicle, showing off his watch as he emerges with a briefcase. He climbs a staircase, pausing to check the time.

As the bellman is wheeling the cart down a hallway, one of the packages topples off, landing outside of a room. After the bellman has left the hall, a woman wearing a towel emerges to investigate and picks up the box, confused as to its origins.

In her curiosity, she steps further into the hallway to look. As she does, her door audibly latches behind her.

The woman runs down the corridor, clutching the box and her towel.

After displaying the campaign's hashtag, Asprey finds the couple at the hotel's bar. A reference to the earlier scene, the woman wears a white dress, smiling at her companion across the table.

Valentine's Day from Asprey

Asprey's film was conceived, directed and filmed by Ali Walker.

The filmmaker also helped Asprey take consumers on a theatrical journey through the countryside and beyond to reveal the gift in the purple box.

Launched ahead of the holidays, Asprey filmed a narrative that takes viewers toward an unknown destination, with anticipation and excitement at every turn. With many consumers traveling to be with loved ones for the holiday season, a film that goes on a long journey toward a destination may resonate with those en route for home and gift giving (see story).