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Carolina Herrera boosts book inspired by four years of design

August 11, 2023

Out on Sept. 5, 2023, the print piece is the brainchild of creative director Wes Gordon, featuring a foreword by editor in chief of British Vogue Edward Enninful, vibrant imagery, movement and modeling. Image credit: Carolina Herrera Out on Sept. 5, 2023, the print piece is the brainchild of the brand’s creative director, Wes Gordon. Image credit: Carolina Herrera


U.S. apparel and accessories label Carolina Herrera is revealing a new artistic project.

Teaming up with Russian photographer Elizaveta Porodina, the brand is releasing a book with Italian book publisher Rizzoli that explores four years of house collections. Out on Sept. 5, 2023, “Colormania: Color and Fashion” is the brainchild of Carolina Herrera creative director Wes Gordon, and features a foreword by editor in chief of British Vogue Edward Enninful.

“The entire philosophy at Carolina Herrera is to embrace color, beauty, and alegría de vivir,” said Mr. Gordon, in a statement.

“Elizaveta photographs in a very distinct painterly style, whereby she swaths color like a painter brushes color on a canvas.”

Modeling movement
After four years of collaboration between Ms. Porodina and the label, the Moscow-born photographer has captured an array of examples signaling fashion’s relationship to color, movement, dance, music and beauty.

The resulting images are paint-like in nature, inspired by Carolina Herrera’s clients and inclusive of collections designed by Mr. Gordon.

Bright hues and representations of femininity come together for the volume, creating a new chapter of a series that began in 2020.

Images are backed by models and dancers donning branded apparel, showcasing energy through bodily expressions.

Saturated colors, otherworldly ballgowns and bold silhouettes span ten of Mr. Gordon’s collections, all of which are shown off by famous faces in “Colormania.”

American singer Dove Cameron, American ballerina Wendy Wheelan and American model Maggie Maurer are just a few of those involved.

The clothing itself is arranged in the book according to the color wheel, rather than by the date of design.

Upon release, the book will be available for $85.

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