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Dior intertwines social video with history in response to Inside Chanel series

September 22, 2016

Dior Story N O 1: The New Look Dior Story N°1: The New Look


French couture house Christian Dior is one of many classic fashion labels bringing its history to light in modern ways with online video.

Dior Stories is a new online video series that taps into the history of the fashion house to help solidify an emotional connection to consumers. The first video details the story of how its founding designer Christian Dior transformed fashion after World War II, in a time when women were looking to reclaim their femininity.

"Dior has a very interesting history from the beginning," said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. "With such a rich past, patrons of the brand would naturally be interested in the history.

"Diorchoosing to highlight the history of this talented artist is a great way to enhance the brand with the millennials who may not be as familiar with the brands road to where they are now," she said.

"With this marketing blitz, the Dior could be able to better compete with brands like Chanel who have completed a similar historical marketing series ahead of them."

Ms. Troutman is not affiliated with Dior, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Dior did not respond by press deadline.

History to contemporary
Vintage is not only popular in the fashion sense, but also in experiences and culture. Long-standing brands have a history that can be tapped for great brand experiences and sentimental value.

Dior Story

Dior Story N°1: details 1947's new look

Dior’s latest video series will be taking a look at various events in the label’s past, establishing its presence as an important role in fashion's history. The first episode of the series walks viewers through a time after World War II, in which women were tired of the masculine and dowdy options for apparel.

It was at that time that Mr. Dior introduced new silhouettes that accentuate a women’s waist as well as his first perfume. Dior's video explains that at the first event in which the designer revealed his iconic The Bar look, he also filled the room with the scent of the newly created Miss Dior fragrance.

The first of the Dior Stories films

The video has parallels to other brands in the space that are highlighting history and fragrance such as fellow French atelier Chanel.

In its latest Inside Chanel chapter, the French atelier painted a self-portrait of its iconic N°5 perfume, introducing its backstory and role in the brand’s DNA. The online series now consists of 15 chapters that explore the brand’s codes such as its use of particular colors, the lion motif and the legacy of founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

As its most well known fragrance, N°5 has been the subject of two other Inside Chanel chapters to date, showing the significance of the house’s first scent (see more).

The Dior story
Dior Story N°1: The New Look starts off by painting a dreary picture of Europe post World War II in 1947, when women were limited in their fashion choice by ration stamps. A narrator explains the setting while historic images of the time period are displayed.

The film continues on to detail the Dior event on Feb. 12, 1947, where the designer revealed his new post war look. Classic footage mixed with museum images of the Bar outfit show off the then new style to modern viewers, detailing the peplum jacket and full skirt.

Dior Story The Bar

Dior's iconic Bar look

The New Look is just the start of the Dior series, which will air on YouTube, social media and its online Web site, DiorMag. Each video will detail another anecdote in the Dior history, as an almost visual diary to bring fans closer to its brand.

The French couture house often puts stock into video to craft special moments with viewers. Dior also used the art of video to embody a sense of adventure for its Sauvage cologne.

As the face of Dior’s cologne, actor Johnny Depp lent his voice to Sauvage’s docu series that emphasizes the lure of adventure. The "Tales of the Wild" series detailed the lives of four men who are known thrill-seekers in varying industries (see more).

"The fashion industry has quite a few icon brands that have an amazing history, sharing these histories with the up and coming generations that may not be familiar could only help their brand stay relevant in today's fast moving technology age where millennials are loving a mix of the old and the new," Ms. Troutman said. "As everyone knows - history does tend to repeat itself."