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F is for Fendi aims for organic authenticity with music artist

May 1, 2019

F is for Fendi acts as the music video for Astrid S


Italian fashion label Fendi is persisting its F is for Fendi campaign in an only organic and authentic manner, by supporting the new song release of Norwegian singer Astrid S.

As part of its F is for Fendi campaign catering to younger audiences, Fendi has released content to support Astrid S’s new song by filming a music video. The authentic approach is a part of the larger F for Fendi campaign strategy that focuses solely on organic content, made by millennials for millennials.

"From an outsider's perspective, the F is for Fendi vision is to engage the younger customer through their peers in an authentic and innovative way," said Alison Bringé, chief marketing officer at Launchmetrics. "With nearly 90 percent of fashion, luxury and cosmetic brands shifting their strategies to engage more niche communities, it makes a lot of sense that they have created this separate community to whom they can communicate the Fendi values with a more relatable voice."

F is for Fendi
According to a case study by Launchmetrics with Fendi, the brand saw a total of more than 8.8 million organic impressions for another recent F is for Fendi campaign, specific for New York.

The brand worked with Launchmetrics to source influencers reflective of the Fendi brand with compelling storytelling content along with high quality video and photography. High-fashion industry insiders Hilary Rhoda and Coco Rocha acted as the influencers for the New York campaign, producing a long-form promotional “meet up” video and 11 social posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Fendi’s total reach for the campaign resulted in a reach of more than 3.6 million users, 46,000 total video views, 33,000 reactions and an engagement rate of .93 percent.

Most recently, F is for Fendi is continuing with the new film for Astrid S, featuring the Fendi spring/summer 2019 belt bag. The singer wears the bag as she sings her song with striking cinematography featured in a red hue and often overlaid footage.

Fendi’s film coincides with Astrid S’s song release, titled “Someone New.”

Instagram post from F is for Fendi

The singer has been an ongoing ambassador for the brand, which is funneling the song release into a variety of other new content with her.

Clips of the song and video are featured on both Fendi’s official pages as well as its F is for Fendi account. In addition, the label has shared stills of Astrid S from the film shoot and various images of her with the belt bag.

She states, "I love how I’m able to dress up or dress down with this bag! I can wear it with everything. It’s both casual and chic, sporty and sophisticated.”

In a conversation with Launchmetrics for its case study, chief communication officer Cristiana Mondfardini explained that for F is for Fendi, she tapped into millennials within the Fendi company to create the authentic platform.

Astrid S’s new film continues this goal.

Instagram post from F is for Fendi

Fendi initiatives

Fendi’s goal is to court a millennial audience through a dedicated digital platform that speaks to “freaks.”

The brand’s F is for Fendi microsite and accompanying social channels are presented as collectively owned vehicles for expression and exploration, with editorial content that covers everything from places to go to personalities. Fendi's outreach to this up-and-coming generation of luxury consumers taps into millennials' favor of experience over things, a message that may resonate more effectively than traditional fashion marketing (see story).

Fendi also recently made a push into streetwear-style retail with a limited drop of merchandise.

Launched in-stores and online on Oct. 17, #FendiMania was a collection featuring the Fila-style Fendi logo, blending the luxury brand’s aesthetic and sportswear influences. Translating exclusivity and access to 21st century retail, drops allow brands’ inner circles to feel like one of a few (see story).

"The success of this project is its localized, niche approach," Ms. Bringé said. "As luxury brands are balancing their communications to target their mature customers who value exclusivity and prestige, they still need to connect with the younger audience who prefers personalization, accessibility and authenticity.

"By creating essentially a Fendi ‘subculture’ they are able to build awareness and brand loyalty amongst a more unique audience with similar interests and beliefs and I believe that is the root of their success — along with the ability to engage audiences regionally and locally," she said.