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Giorgio Armani supports UNICEF tap project with app

March 24, 2011

Drop for life


Giorgio Armani is supporting the UNICEF Tap Project with an iPhone application where the brand will donate one dollar for every “like” on Facebook during March.

The Acqua for Life Giorgio Armani iPhone application lets users try and walk as far as they can without letting the drop of water slide off the screen. Once consumers carry the drop, users can like the campaign on Facebook and Giorgio Armani will donate to support the project.

“This adds additional dimension of interest to the total Acqua for Life program,” said Renee Juzdan, public relations manager at Giorgio Armani Beauty, New York. “Digitally, we had a Web site, which is compatible with the iPad .

“Also, [we have] a Facebook page, and an iPhone app rounds out our digital program,” she said.

The application is available for free in the Apple App Store. It was created by L’Oreal USA.

Aqua for Life is a campaign by Giorgio Armani to support the UNICEF Tap Project to help UNICEF improve access to safe, clean water for children around the globe.

The campaign is about raising funds and awareness for safe, clean drinking water for children in need.

Walking on water

The Acqua for Life Giorgio Armani iPhone application begins with a brief message from the UNICEF Tap Project.


Application homepage

The message reads “Millions of children walk miles every day to access safe, clean drinking water. Carry a drop as far as you can.”

Following the message, users are directed to the application homepage, which contains the “Start,” “About the cause,” “Donate,” “The fragrance,” and “Leaderboard” click-through tabs.


Acqua For Life - Giorgio Armani

Users can play the water droplet game by holding the iPhone steady and walking as far as they can go without letting the drop of water dripping off the screen.

The application counts the amount of steps that consumers take and records high scores on the application’s homepage.

“For the second year in a row, Giorgio Armani fragrances has partnered with the UNICEF tap project to help provide clean, safe drinking water to children worldwide,” Ms. Juzdan said.


Inside the game

The "About the cause" category of the Giorgio Armani application educates users about the Acqua for Life, Clean Water and UNICEF Tap project campaigns.

If consumers want to make a donation to the UNICEF Tap Project, there is a donate category of the application that will direct users to the United States Fun for UNICEF Web site.

Meanwhile, for every bottle of Acqua di Gioia fragrance for men and women sold March 20-26, Giorgio Armani will donate $1 to the UNICEF Tap Project.


Fragrance component of the application

That single dollar can provide clean drinking water for a child for 40 days.

There is purchasing component incorporated in the application that will direct users to the Acqua di Gioia Web site to buy the perfume.

Consumers can scope out the top walkers in the leadership category of the application

Tap app

The application serves as a tool for the luxury brand to inform and value, all while donating to a cause.

Also, the click-through capabilities and the interactive game within the The Acqua for Life Giorgio Armani application provide an immersive experience that can lead to sales and donations.

Many luxury brands are participating in charities’ fundraising efforts, or simply giving back to those in need.

For example, fine instruments maker Montblanc is supporting the efforts of an organization dedicated to helping those with intellectual and developmental disabilities by donating 11 percent of its March proceeds to Best Buddies International (see story).

Additionally, Swarovski collaborated with Elle Magazine last month to raise money for The Heart Truth, an organization dedicated to raise awareness about women and heart disease (see story).

Brands tend to partner with charities with which they can relate. In Giorgio Armani’s case, partnering with charities dedicated to clean water is a way to gain brand awareness.

“This application is unique because it ties a charity element into an interactive game, and also links people back to our Facebook page,” Ms. Juzdan said.

Final take

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