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How Maserati was able to generate 21K leads through Facebook targeting

March 17, 2017

Maserati Levante


Italian automaker Maserati recently wielded Facebook's advertising capability to drive direct sales for its Levante SUV, leveraging custom audiences and data-driven pushes.

Maserati saw 127 vehicles sold directly from its recent two-phase Facebook campaign that built a targeted audience for those most likely to engage with the ads. The brand worked with outside data to discover Facebook users that were luxury SUV shoppers.

“Maserati took a two-phase approach to this campaign, first serving video ads to a relevant audience on Facebook and Instagram, followed by leads in the second phase,” said Kimberly Stonehouse, industry manager of Automotive at Facebook. “Lead ads allow people to seamlessly sign up for more information from a brand on their mobile device.

“So in this case, people could click on the lead ad to request a quote from Maserati directly from their phone, pre-populating the form with basic contact information such as name and email that were already uploaded to Facebook,” she said.

Universal McCann, Facebook and SocialCode worked with Maserati for the campaign, led by Joe Barbagallo, marketing communications manager at Maserati North America.

Facebook leads
The luxury automaker reached more than 4 million users across Facebook and Instagram for its Levante SUV campaign.

Maserati's video on Facebook

Maserati started the campaign off by tapping data from automotive data company Polk to find luxury SUV shoppers located in relevant markets. The campaign also targeted those who have visited Maserati’s Web site and completed certain actions such as navigating to the Levante SUV landing page.

On top of that, Maserati discerned a duplicate audience indicative of its customers. These audiences where then served video advertising from Maserati.

Based on the results of the first phase, consumers from these targeted audiences who completed a full video were served lead ads to increase click-throughs. These ads automatically generate information from users’ Facebook profiles for clickers to request a quote on their mobile devices.

Maserati facebook ad campaign

Maserati's Facebook advertising 

Showing the ad to users who have watched Maserati videos in their entirety helped the brand targeted consumers more likely to be interested.

Approximately 127 SUVs were sold directly from the Facebook campaign.

Advertising on social
Facebook recently rolled out similar mobile advertisement format designed to give advertisers the opportunity to create an entirely branded experiential destination within the social media network’s environment.

Starting in Sept. 2015, Facebook began testing its new ads, with Mr Porter and Michael Kors among the earliest adopters, according to Ad Age. As consumers become more inclined toward their phones, marketers will need to find ways to reach them in a way that feels natural and valuable on mobile devices (see more).

Maserati also recently gave the power of naming its latest limited-edition vehicle to its fans as part of a social media campaign to make a dramatic release.

Hoping to convey the edginess of the limited-edition model, Maserati shared dark and mysterious campaign content regarding its upcoming high-gloss black Ghibli edition. The automaker employed fans to come up with a name that embodies the new glossy black edition and submit it through social (see more).

“The campaign reached 4 million people on Facebook and Instagram and generated 21,000 leads," Ms. Stonehouse said. "Forty-nine Levantes were sold."