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Jean Paul Gaultier creates “Glorywall” to increase Twitter presence

July 9, 2014

Jean Paul Gaultier Glorywall Jean Paul Gaultier Glorywall


French fashion label Jean Paul Gaultier is building its Twitter presence without sending a single tweet.

The "Glorywall" campaign is a digital graffiti wall that automatically updates each user’s status based on the number of tweets sent about the brand’s collections, and the handle with the most tweets will win their favorite perfume. Jean Paul Gaultier’s campaign encourages fans to browse the Web site and choose their favorite items and tweet straight from the site.

"The aim of the Glorywall is to reach the Orgasmic relation with the brand by tweeting contents of the website through the Glorywall," said Sarah Anne Ducreux, digital manager of Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris, France.

"Rates of the participants are gathered on the wall, available to everyone on the Glorywall page," she said.

"We have opted for a free fragrance to be won as we are convinced of the olfactive power of Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances and its decisive impact it has on the participants."

Glorywall climbing

The Glorywall is promoted on Jean Paul Gaultier’s Facebook page and is a category on the brand's Web site.  Once on the Glorywall new visitors are encouraged to link their Twitter to the Web site.

7-8 Jean Paul Gaultier glorywall

Glorywall instructions

Next, users are prompted to browse the Jean Paul Gaultier site and choose their favorite content and click the Twitter button on the bottom right of the photo they wish to tweet. Each tweet promotes the user’s status on the Glorywall.

7-8 Jean Paul Gaultier glorywall 1

Tweeting a collection from Web site

The Glorywall has several levels of participants. The people with the least amount of tweets are under First Thrills. The second level is Love Story, the third is Flirt and Caresses and the highest is Orgasmic Relation.

Those in the Orgasmic Relation section of the wall have out-tweeted all the other participants and are eligible to win a Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance.

7-8 Jean Paul Gaultier glorywall 2

Glorywall status

Since Twitter does not allow the same tweet consecutively, participants cannot tweet from the same collection without tweeting another collection in between. This limits tweeting each individual outfit of every collection in one page view, and forces participants to browse different sections of the Web site.

The graffiti wall automatically updates for every tweet sent and highlights the current user’s name to depict their status.

Twitter chats

Luxury brands have become increasingly conversational on Twitter, allowing access to designers via Q&A sessions or retweeting what their consumers are saying.

Twitter offers brands the opportunity to speak directly to consumers and amplify what they are saying about the brand through retweets and replies. The most successful brands are the ones that use this platform as a two-way communication tool (see story).

For example, Italian designer Giorgio Armani was engaging fans during a series of global chats that offered expert commentary on fashion-related topics.

The discussions took place on Twitter using the hashtag #ArmaniTweetTalks to let consumers participate along with industry experts. The first chat centered on the label’s One Night Only in Beijing fashion event with a chat June 1 called “China, the new fashion superpower” (see story).

Interaction via Twitter can increase user participation. The Glorywall adds an extra incentive to consumers to participate with Jean Paul Gaultier on Twitter.

"Who doesn't want to be King or Queen of the Glorywall?" said Jeff Cohen, director of social media at MDG Advertising, Boca Raton, FL.

"This clever campaign from Jean Paul Gaultier carefully combines 3 wonderful human impulses, the love of shopping, the desire to win free stuff, and self absorbed glory over others," he said. "Perfect!"

"The payoff for the luxury fashion brand is twofold. First of all they've incentivized their fans to spend more time on their website. 

"People in the know now have many more reasons to shop, explore and click click click around," he said. "This will expose their customers to more of their products and likely translate into immediate and future sales.

"Next they've gamified the sharing of their products. Tweet a product or collection from their site and you make your mark on the glory wall. The more you share the bigger your glory. This of course exposes the products to all of the followers of every person playing. That's a fantastic use of the network effect and the ultimate in fan engagement."

Mr. Cohen is not affiliated with Jean Paul Gaultier, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Final Take
Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York