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Land Rover becomes best friend of man’s best friend

November 21, 2017

Land Rover's new spot looks to man's best friend. Image credit: Land Rover


British automaker Land Rover's latest spot looks to man’s best friend to show that even animals love its vehicles.

Touting its accessories Pet Pack, Land Rover’s new vignette in the United Kingdom shows a playful and adorable narrative of two crafty canines and their adventure to ride in the family vehicle. The automaker is showing that while a dog is man’s best friend, a Land Rover is a dog’s best friend.

Man’s best friend
Land Rover's “A Dog’s Best Friend” starts out with a father reading a newspaper at the kitchen table, while the two family dogs stare. Once the man gets up, the two takes hurry off to complete their mission.

The larger dog, a Great Dane, retrieves the keys to the Land Rover, while the small dog starts pushing an ottoman towards a table. The Great Dane places the keys on the table in the hallway, facing towards the winder.

Using the ottoman as a stepping stool, the small dog climbs up towards the table and presses his paw to the keys, opening the trunk door to the Land Rover. The two then run towards the front door and use teamwork to open it.

The Great Dane easily jumps into the back, but the small dog is not big enough. Helping out his friend, the larger dog presses a button to lower the Land Rover, allowing the little dog to jump in easily.

As the dogs settle into the back with the door still open, the family of five makes their way to the car. The dad goes to open the car with the keys, but as they walk outside he stops in astonishment as the dogs are already in the back of the car with it unlocked.

Land Rover | A Dog's Best Friend

The video is the first of a series of films that feature the two furry friends. Land Rover has introduced a series of these films to introduce all the features that come with its Pet Pack in the U.K.

Land Rover marketing
The automaker is often introducing unique campaigns through video that capture consumers’ attentions.

For instance, Land Rover also recently looked to a new influencer for its latest bespoke campaign, but the celebrity put designers to the test when he demands a mobile kitchen.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is the latest face for Land Rover’s bespoke division and is showing off just how far the department can go in a new Web series. Throughout three episodes, Mr. Oliver challenges Land Rover to turn a new vehicle into the ultimate on-the-go kitchen (see more).

Land Rover also recently heightened the drama for its sailing team’s participation in the America’s Cup with a 360-degree view of what it took to get there.

Leading up to the competition, Land Rover has shared a video on YouTube with its 360-degree feature showing the team’s training. The Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing is a sailing team competing in this year’s America’s Cup taking place in Bermuda during the month of June (see more).