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Land Rover drives male awareness via narrative commercial

November 13, 2012


Land Rover North America is accelerating male interest for the 2013 Range Rover Evoque model via a short film titled “The Collector” that is showing off the brand’s history of luxury and capability.

The automaker’s commercial debuted Nov. 8 during the Florida State University versus Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University football game on ESPN. The campaign also includes full-episode players, homepage takeovers and social media, with the commercial continuing to run on ESPN and select cable networks.

“The essence of a good television strategy is to be new and different,” said Al Ries, chairman of Ries & Ries, Roswell, GA. “Making a commercial more like a film than an advertisement is a good strategy.

"This makes the Land Rover commercial stand out from all the other commercials shown during the game," he said. “The commercial strikes me as one of a kind and unlikely to be repeated in various iterations.

"What works best is a single idea, repeated endlessly in various different ways.”

Mr. Ries is not affiliated with Land Rover, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Land Rover declined comment.

The Collector

The short film is available to watch online and will continue to be promoted through the brand’s social media.

In the film, two time periods are tied together through a narrative about a historical artifact collector who acquires a family heirloom.

The historical aspect combined with the adventure in the film was designed to highlight the brand’s essence of heritage and substance, per Land Rover.

The film begins two centuries ago with a dramatic sinking of a ship.

Then, it jumps forward to the present where a male Evoque driver is on his way to collect a personal family heirloom that is from the ship itself. The action in the film transitions it between the two time periods.

The item is carefully transported in the trunk of the Evoque and the driver’s trip home is shown on various terrains.

Next, the driver is shown admiring his collection of historical heirlooms from the ship at his home.

The spot ends with a shot of the 2013 Evoque and the words “Above and Beyond” below it.


Game day

Land Rover debuted this film during a college football game Nov. 8 to reach male consumers.

“Men, especially younger men, are hard to reach on most television shows,” Mr. Ries said. “But young men do watch football games on television.”

The film is not a typical choice for a commercial during a sporting event, but probably helped the automaker reach the young male audience.

“I question the idea of a film-like commercial on a football game,” Mr. Ries said. “It might have been more productive if shown during a commercial break on a motion picture, since commercials work best if they are integrated with the television shows that they are broadcast on.”

Other than the commercial, Land Rover also took to its social media to push the film.

A photo teaser was posted on the automaker’s Facebook before the debut of the commercial.

Land Rover Facebook

The day after, the brand posted a link to watch the extended version of the film on its Twitter account.

Land Rover Twitter

Though the automaker is extending the reach of its commercial beyond television, the medium is only as strong as the message behind the campaign.

“Television is a good medium, but without a good message it is not going to work at all,” Mr. Ries said. “Consistency is the essence of a good marketing strategy."

Final take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily.