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Large asset purchases can earn luxury consumers cash back

May 28, 2019

Triton Submarines is a partner of The Keep Club. Image credit: Triton Submarines


As affluents seek out options to make their lives easier, a new concierge service is tapping into this mindset with a way to manage big purchases and brokerages separate from the niche platforms that are currently established.

The Keep Club is a new membership-based service that manages luxury assets for customers, executing large-sum transactions securely in a discreet manner. The service encompasses a variety of large transactions including chartering a yacht, purchasing a private jet or even a private island and more.

“To our members, time is priceless, which is why our members turn to the club when they want to spend their monies," said Khawer Carr, CEO of The Keep Club. "They what someone to take care of the transactions from start to finish, so they can spend time with their family and friends.

“With our very own Mastercard Program, which is run and managed by us directly, our members can receive over 90,000 pounds in cash and to date, we have helped members save on average 150,000 pounds in costs when purchasing real estate and supercars," he said.

“In addition, unlike traditional clubs where you need to make time to visit the club, we blend in with our members' existing lifestyle, whether it is chartering a private jet or superyacht, to purchasing a private island to buying a submarine no matter where they are in the world."

Money management
Supercars, yachts, aviation, real estate, private islands, jewelry and collectables are a few of the industries covered within the Keep Club concierge service.

A dedicated team of trusted partners takes care of the cumbersome experiences of these big purchases and also promises to save members money.

Triton submarine A personal submarine. Image credit: Triton

Members are charged a fee and then begin to manage their purchase through their Membership Mastercard, which The Keep Club directly controls. When members purchase with The Keep Club partners or use club services they receive cash back.

The concierge claims members can earn up to 98,000 pounds, or about $124,000 at current exchange. The Keep Club covers all foreign exchange fees on purchases made through memberships.

Some partners include submarine designer Triton Submarines, luxury private jet supplier Shy Aviation and bespoke furniture designer Davidson London.

Yacht industry advances included in new platform

In addition to the Membership Mastercard, members also have access to a variety of concierge services including finding and purchasing property, first-class travel experiences, supercar purchases and jewelry purchases. For those who purchase property through The Keep Club, he or she can earn up to 100,00 pounds, or $127,000.

Travel experiences can earn members 500 to 50,000 pounds, or $635 to $63,600.

Spanning industries
While there are some platforms that offer similar experiences or booking capabilities with secure transactions, The Keep Club is unique in that it spans sectors.

For instance, another new platform launched recently in the hopes to make yacht booking easier, finding a new niche in the digital age.

Those interested in chartering a yacht trip are able to correspond directly with the owner’s representative through digital platform Yotha for an easier experience. Users can book their trips and then interact with the free concierge service to create a bespoke itinerary (see story).

Also, private aviation marketplace JetSmarter makes air travel resemble ridesharing with a feature on its mobile application that also offers secure payment.

Similarly to how services such as Uber allow riders to go in together on a journey to lower costs, JetSmarter has opened up its chartered flights for sharing. SharedCharter builds off the community atmosphere of the JetSmarter platform, enabling travelers to be reimbursed by others who are going the same way (see story).

However, The Keep Club maintains its unique status as it manages assets and transactions with concierge services as an added bonus.

“Spending money in the luxury market is actually very easy," Mr. Carr said. "No matter what you are looking to buy or experience, there is a brand out there that does that one thing you are looking for. But when you do find that brand that can give you what you want, it comes at some cost.

“I have heard so many brand owners say, ‘These are millionaires. If they can afford it, they will pay for it,'" he said. “I believe that wealthy individuals and families should be given every opportunity to save money where they can, from chartering a jet to going on holiday to buying a private island.

“There are so many clubs out there, each offering something different, and 99 percent offering points or a unique experience as a reward.

“In aviation, you can get air miles; with lifestyle clubs, discounts at restaurants or event tickets. What my club does is it cuts to the chase, what really matters to our members — cash — not just rewarding them, but allowing them the freedom to spend it anywhere that accepts Mastercard. This is a real reward.”