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Longchamp teases fall campaign via social media

September 4, 2013


French leather goods maker Longchamp is teasing its fall 2013 campaign through social media to keep consumers engaged and drive interest in new products.

The brand created a Facebook event along with daily posts and a teaser video to make sure the “Bigger than Life” campaign stayed at the top of fan’s social media feeds. Since consumers may be overwhelmed with the number of new campaigns, brands need to make sure campaigns have staying power to ensure fan engagement.

"We use a teasing phase on our social networks, for each campaign, in order to play with our online community and maximize upcoming result," said Massimo Piredda, social media manager at Longchamp, Paris.

"This is something really important for us because it provides the opportunity to show original content about the brand to the community," he said.

"By using the brand content we have around our fall 2013 ad campaign movie, we try to create a digital strategy beginning on a teasing phase, then a reveal phase along with some extra surprises during and after the release."

Bigger than life
Longchamp’s new Bigger than Life campaign features model Coco Rocha in New York. The brand has released campaign images and will release the video Sept. 10.

Longchamp began posting daily images in August to promote the campaign through its Facebook page.

The posts contain images of New York with large shoes and handbags placed in the middle of the city. Each image also contains a short phrase such as “I’m on my way, see you soon!” and “The sun never sets on my city.”

Facebook post

The posts also contain a link that takes consumers to a Facebook app to encourage them to RSVP for the Facebook event or invite a friend.

Event invitation

The Facebook event contains the same images that are posted on the brand’s page and is updated on weekdays, which gives consumers who have RSVPed a notification when new content is posted.


In addition, the Facebook event takes place Sept. 10 at 10 am EST, which is the date that the new campaign video launches.

Bigger than Life event

Also on the event page, consumers are able to see the new products in the image posts by hovering over the icons on the image.

Product promotion image

A click through on the product icon takes consumers to the Longchamp Web site to see more information about the product.

In addition to the event, Longchamp also released a teaser video that shows Ms. Rocha practicing her dance moves. The 30-second video gives a look into what consumers can expect to see the in the campaign film.

Bigger than Life teaser

Social media teasers can help brands engage consumers and build anticipation for a campaign, but social campaigns should have multiple layers to be the most effective.

“Using Facebook to tease a campaign, to build buzz and excitement through both brand and peer-to-peer sharing can be a very effective strategy,” said Marko Z. Muellner, vice president of marketing atShopIgniter, Portland, OR.

“Developing a multi-post strategy that builds over time and offers fans and friends of fans the opportunity to engage in many different ways can be effective,” he said.

Whetting your appetite
Other apparel brands have teased new campaigns, products and stores to build up anticipation before launching.

For instance, French label Balenciaga teased a new handbag through a dedicated microsite and email campaign to spark consumer interest in the new bag.

The label provided minimal information and no full images of the new Le Dix bag before the launch. Although the microsite and email likely generated some consumer interest, it is also very likely that the email got lost in consumers’ inboxes (see story).

Moreover, British accessories brand Anya Hindmarch took fans behind the scenes of its recently opened New York boutique by posting images on Instagram that lead up to the grand opening Aug. 22.

The store is the brand’s first boutique to host its new global store design and is the first store to have both the bespoke and mainline collections. By offering behind-the-scenes images, brands can leave consumers wanting to see more and therefore driving them to the store (see story).

Luxury apparel brands are able to build excitement without giving too much away for new launches by giving their fans a sneak peek.

Although social media posts can help tease products and collections, Facebook posts and tweets can only go so far.

“Luxury marketers must realize there is no free lunch,” Mr. Muellner said. “The days of free social reach are over.

“To run successful campaigns in social, luxury marketers must buy mobile news feed advertising to reach their most important audiences, then drive them to social mobile experiences that present rich interactive content that engages, converts and uses the rich data available to optimize both the media and experiences,” he said.

“Daily posting to engage your fan community is great, but as soon as you have a marketing campaign with brand and business objectives, the ingredients must change.”

Final take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York