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Louis Vuitton twists, twirls in carefree campaign

January 6, 2021

Laura Harrier represents Louis Vuitton in the latest ad campaign. Image credit: Louis Vuitton


French fashion house Louis Vuitton is letting its hair down in a free-spirited ad campaign for its Twist bags featuring American actress and civil rights activist Laura Harrier.

Since 2015, the Twist bag has become one of Louis Vuitton’s most recognizable bags with its signature LV twist-lock, reimagined for each season. The actress and activist exemplifies the modern versatility and youthful energy of the bags and the brand.

The Twist
The minute-long video opens on Ms. Harrier dancing and jumping along the iconic Malibu Pier in southern California, sporting the new Twist bag with the detachable embroidered strap. She reaches the end of the pier, puts coins into a telescope and examines the coast.

The coastal tone continues as she runs along the ocean line, kicking sand and running joyfully away from incoming waves. Returning to the pier, Ms. Harrier buys an ice cream cone, asking for “a twist to go” and enjoys her sweet treat.

Laura Harrier and the Twist | Louis Vuitton

With a black Twist bag slung across her body, she carries a skimboard embossed with the Louis Vuitton monogram down to the water where she walks along the beach. As she walks, the camera pulls away to a panoramic view of the Malibu coast.

The song “Filme moi” by French musical artist Alice et Moi carries a spirited energy throughout the video as the soundtrack and reflects the southern California imagery.

Laura Harrier carries the Louis Vuitton embossed skimboard down to the beaches of Malibu in the film campaign. Image credit: Louis Vuitton

For the spring collection, new models of the iconic Twist bag offer feminine braided embellishments, a monochrome twist-lock or large textile strap, as well as new vibrant shades to match the bold personality of the bag.

Influence of the youth
Louis Vuitton has recently flirted with youth culture through a number of collaborations and collections in, what appears to be, an effort to reach up-and-coming consumers.

In December, the brand enlisted South Korean disc jockey and influencer Peggy Gou to model shoes for its FW20 collection. In a series of still shots and a brief film, Ms. Gou brought an element of youthful trendiness to the campaign as she took her audience on a bicycle tour of Berlin, clad in Louis Vuitton apparel and footwear.

Her appearance in the campaign casted light on the fact that Louis Vuitton is multigenerational in scope and boasts an array of apparel and footwear in classic, modern or edgy styles (see story).

In a collaboration with Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, Louis Vuitton explored Paris in a lighthearted and energetic campaign promoting its newest collection of Capucines bags. The epitome of French chic, the film and geometric architecture of the bags embodied the brand’s savoir-faire.

It presented a romantic idea of life in Paris as it follows the young woman living life on her own terms, wearing beautifully chic clothing and accessories and seemingly enjoying every moment of it (see story).