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Luxury Daily moves to paid-subscription model Monday, Feb. 27

February 27, 2017

Luxury Daily is the must-read publication for luxury marketers Luxury Daily is the must-read publication for luxury marketers


Dear reader,

As part of Luxury Daily’s evolution to a paid-subscription model starting Feb. 27, we ask for your support to an institution designed to be your eyes and ears in a fast-evolving luxury business.

Just as luxury is going through rapid changes, so is media. We would like to sustain our publication for the long term in service to our readers, hence the evolution in business model to paid subscription.

Since its inception, Luxury Daily has set out to produce the very best journalism on the luxury business – impartial, accurate, timely, analytical, insightful, inspiring and actionable.

We offer cross-sector news and analysis on luxury marketing, retailing and media strategy and tactics across all channels as well as the geopolitical shifts that shape demand and supply.

The goal is clear: to give you – the time-pressed luxury marketer – the tools and intelligence you need to make smart and incisive decisions for your company or area of responsibility. Thank you for spending time with us daily.

When made public Feb. 27, we aim to keep our subscription offers competitive with the industry. Please apply the subscription as a business expense.

What we promise you will continue to get in return for your paid subscription is unparalleled luxury intelligence and more.

Mickey Alam Khan
Publisher, Luxury Daily