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Fragrance and personal care

Luxury is a philosophy, not a price tag, says Beauty Pie founder

May 17, 2017

Beauty Pie sells luxury beauty products at a drastically reduced prices


LISBON, Portugal – Membership-based beauty service Beauty Pie shows that luxury can be more about a state of mind than about the cost of a product.

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1 thought on “Luxury is a philosophy, not a price tag, says Beauty Pie founder”

  1. Andreu says:

    Luxury is a state of mind and as I always say, rich are rich but not stupid. A rich maybe can be 5,000 for a product ir a service but if she/he pays that amount, she/he will expect in return something acording that value. Of course she/he will understand that we have a business and we have to earn a benefit, but the thing that they will not accept is that the benefit we earn is higher than product or service we offer in return for that amount.

    An expensive product is only that an expensive product, but that does not make that product a luxury product