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McLaren makes metaverse strides with introduction of MSO Lab

April 29, 2022

Membership of MSO Lab will allow consumers access to rare NFT drops in addition to unique experiences. Image credit: McLaren Automotive


British automaker McLaren Automotive is launching the first pillar of its metaverse strategy, the MSO Lab.

The MSO Lab will bring forth a new digital commmunity from McLaren’s in-house bespoke division, McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Membership of MSO Lab will allow consumers access to rare NFT drops in addition to unique experiences.

“I am delighted to be able to finally pull the covers off the MSO LAB digital community which we have created as a new way to interact with customers and fans in the Web3 universe,” said Gareth Dunsmore, chief marketing pfficer of McLaren Automotive, in a statement.

“McLaren Special Operations is McLaren Automotive’s in-house bespoke division so it is entirely fitting that MSO LAB will be our home where we collaborate in the metaverse and push the limits of possibility and design unencumbered by physical constraints.”

Metaverse moves
Mclaren Special Operations (MSO) is automaker’s workshop of sorts for designers and engineers who experiment and push boundaries in helping create the ultimate bespoke McLaren vehicles for consumers.

Membership of the MSO Lab community will offer access to member-only channels and interaction with McLaren Automotive and MSO teams, early information and guaranteed access to future drops as well as exclusive rewards.

McLaren first launched its customization unit, McLaren Special Operations, in 2011. Image credit: McLaren

Every early member of the MSO Lab community will receive an unseen digital sketch from the McLaren design team, a behind-the-scenes digital tour of the McLaren Technology Center and the opportunity to attend McLaren Automotive events.

The first MSO Lab drop will be the Genesis Collection, an invite-only ultra-exclusive randomized mint, featuring one of the most beloved McLaren vehicles in brand history with pricing and additional details to be released in the next coming weeks.

All McLaren NFTs will be available on the McLaren marketplace, supported by the brand’s metaverse partner, InfiniteWorld.

McLaren announced its entrance into the metaverse last month (see story).