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Moda Operandi’s app update brings boutique experience to mobile

May 26, 2017

Moda Operandi's mobile app is designed with customer service and support in mind


Online retailer Moda Operandi relaunched its mobile application, debuting a new design meant to make the online process as high-quality as the products being purchased.

Launched last week, the redesign has allowed Moda Operandi to focus in on improving the experience for their customers as much as possible. This strategy is one unique to the luxury industry, where catering to a small, select group of dedicated customers is more important than trying to capture new ones.

"The primary goal of the new app is to deepen the relationship between a client and stylist, unifying their communications to one platform reinforcing a branded shopping experience versus using a third party application," said Deborah Nicodemus, CEO of Moda Operandi, New York. "The update was led by the desire to provide clients with a personalized experience versus a transactional ploy – In fact one of the underlying attributes of the app was convenience: Anywhere, Anytime, however, the client would like to shop with Moda Operandi.

"Our growth initiatives are center on elevating the luxury shopping experience whether it is online and offline; app to showroom the mission is to deliver the highest standard of service across all client touch points."

Customer service
Luxury retailers are in a unique position when it comes to customer service.

Other industries are content to get away with sub-par service knowing that the thousands of customers that come through each day will make up for the lowered quality.

But in the world of luxury, customers are more discerning. High-end labels and retailers have to be able to provide a customer experience that goes beyond what they get from mass brands.

The new Moda Operandi mobile app

Luxury, because of its expensive barrier to entry, will always have fewer customers than other industries, but that is okay when the service is kept to the utmost quality and consumers come back repeatedly.

This extends to the online world as well, which is why Moda Operandi, a retailer that operates exclusively online, has just relaunched its mobile app.

The new design aims to elevate and streamline the process of purchasing its luxury products to make it as smooth as possible.

One of the areas that was a focus for Moda Operandi was in customer service. The app update allows customers to quickly get in touch with support from the company.

This commitment to support extends to Moda Operandi’s few physical locations as well, such as the appointment-only boutiques it has opened in a few cities, where customers can be personally guided through the shopping process.

Mobile luxury

Mobile is increasingly becoming a major part of the ecommerce world, especially for luxury consumers who are constantly on the move.

The CEO of Yoox Net-A-Porter, Federico Marchetti, attested to this during FT's Business of Luxury Summit May 15-16 in Lisbon.

While there were doubts that luxury shoppers would forego the bricks-and-mortar experience for ecommerce, these concerns have been proven unnecessary, with consumers turning to digital platforms to buy everything from high-fashion to fine jewelry. During a keynote at the FT Business of Luxury Summit on May 16, the CEO of YNAP shared his outlook for the online luxury market as well as the efforts his own group is doing to innovate for today's consumer (see story).

The new Moda Operandi mobile app

Other luxury brands have confirmed the growing import of mobile, such as Lancôme’s recent claim that traffic from mobile is expanding.

The luxury beauty manufacturer is now seeing more traffic via mobile Web than through desktop after it launched its Progressive Web App. Lancôme has seen a 53 percent spike in mobile sessions on Apple mobile devices as well as an 8 percent increase in cart abandonment recovery through push notifications (see story).

Moda Operandi’s recently redesigned mobile app is helping the retailer ride this wave at the forefront and bringing a smooth and streamlined mobile experience to its customers.

"As a company, our key points of differentiation are access, customer experience, curation and our physical spaces," Ms. Nicodemus said. "That said, we know innovation is essential for any brand's longevity and we are committed to continue to innovate and deliver beyond expectations for our customers, whether that is in the talent we present or the high-touch experience we provide.

"With the app, clients are able to connect with a stylist, either building on an existing relationship or by establishing a new relationship by requesting a stylist---that alone is something you cannot get elsewhere. The service provided mirrors the experience of an appointment in one of our showrooms: personalized curation, stylist feedback, and product discovery, only now available digitally and entirely at her convenience."