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Moët & Chandon answers audience questions through ‘how to’ series

June 1, 2022

The LVMH brand is providing a lesson in Champagne through an informative series. Image credit: Moët & Chandon


LVMH’s Moët & Chandon is aiming to provide its consumers with the ultimate tasting experience through a video series on how to store, open and serve Champagne.

With the help of globally renowned influencer Pelayo Diaz and interior designer Kamo Mafokwane, the spirits brand brings viewers on a journey of optimizing their Champagne drinking experience. From how to open the bottle correctly to the best ways to serve and drink Moët & Chandon Champagne, the series fosters a more open conversation and the relationship between brand and consumer.

Perfect Serve
In a series of short films, Moët & Chandon ambassador Ethan Boroian takes Mr. Diaz through the step-by-step process of correctly opening a bottle of Champagne.

He starts by chilling the bottle, then wipes it down before opening it. He says one should never twist the cork, but rather hold the cork in place and twist the bottle at a 45-degree angle.

This is supposedly the safest way of opening a bottle of Champagne.

In the latest episode, Mr. Diaz learns how to best serve and drink Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial

In another video, Mr. Boroian explains to Ms. Mafokwane that the ideal temperature for Champagne is between 45 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit. To do so, he says to either use a bucket of ice water for 15-30 minutes or place it in the fridge for four hours.

In the most recent, episode, Mr. Diaz learns a lesson in serving and drinking Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial, a Champagne created specifically to combine with ice.

Mr. Boroian chills and opens the bottle using techniques seen in previous episodes, but this time places three ice cubes in the glass — something many seasoned wine drinkers might fear as it tends to dilute it.

However, Ice Imperial was designed as the brand’s first Champagne specially crafted to be enjoyed on ice.

“The blend finds its exceptional balance when the ice meets the Champagne,” Mr. Boroian explained. “It creates intense fruitiness and richness, but you cannot use crushed ice because that would melt too fast.”

Moët & Chandon Imperial is supposedly a perfect match for sushi

Another major element in the Champagne tasting experience is food pairing, which is discussed in a separate episode. For instance, according to Mr. Boroian, Moët & Chandon Imperial is a perfect match for sushi.

“The raw texture of the fish accentuates the lightness of the Champagne, and opt for white fish for perfect harmony,” he says. “The natural saltiness of the sushi will accentuate the aromas of the Champagne.”

A perfect pair
For LVMH wine and spirits brands, food is a core element of the drinking experience.

Champagne house Krug introduced an exclusive new space for exciting culinary experiences at the Voyage Samaritaine restaurant.

Consumers are invited to enjoy thoughtful pairings of music, food and Krug Champagne for the ultimate sensory melding experience. Krug has designed a private dining room to look like a music studio, residing in the kitchens of the restaurant Voyage.

The experiential space, which can seat up to seven guests at a time, begins with a close-knit musical tasting and exploration of the Krug champagnes selected for the event. Each vessel of wine is paired with disparate melodies, complemented by acoustics created by Devialet, a French audio technology company (see story).

Veuve Clicquot ruminated on special ingredients in an installment of its Garden Gastronomy series.

The latest vignette starred Domingo Schingaro, chef at Due Camini restaurant, designing a signature dish inspired by the La Grande Dame Champagne. The short film showcased Mr. Schingaro’s immense and meticulous care for his vegetables, reflective of the Champagne maker’s similar approach to its offerings.

The Garden Gastronomy series taps chefs around the world to share their insights and creations that complement La Grande Dame (see story).