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Mr Porter marries fashion, travel in new video series

August 15, 2013


Online menswear retailer Mr Porter is partnering with four apparel and accessory brands and bespoke travel agency Black Tomato to curate a video series highlighting destinations around the world.

The "Insider Track" video series will be told through the perspective of men living in the featured destination. Using Mr Porter’s core demographic in the series will likely raise interest in Black Tomato’s services while generating purchases as those who book with Black Tomato prepare for their trip.

"Video is an excellent branding medium and, by leveraging this platform, Black Tomato is positioning itself to engage with a new consumer base, said Rachel Lewis, senior strategist for iProspect, Fort Worth, TX.

"It is also a smart move to collaborate with a well-known site like Mr Porter and connect with a qualified audience," she said.  "The primary benefit of this kind of video is brand engagement – as opposed to immediate sales."

"These brands have a similar sweet spot in their audience makeup and, by teaming up, may discover that the sum is greater than the parts."

Ms. Lewis is not affiliated with Mr Porter or Black Tomato, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Mr Porter and Black Tomato were unable to comment directly.

The first of four in the video series begins in Los Angeles where Greg Chait, founder of cashmere brand The Elder Statesmen, speaks of his experiences living in California.

Mr. Chait’s brand is carried by Mr Porter, making the partnership relevant for both the retailer and the brand.

The Insider Track: Los Angeles 

The video begins with the logo’s of Mr Porter and Black Tomato appearing before the video’s title.

Mr. Chait is shown driving through Los Angeles in a vintage automobile while he narrates his impressions on living in the city for the past 12 years.

As he drives, Mr. Chait describes the neighborhood where he lives, Rustic Canyon and its relation to the rest of the city. He notes that the layout of Los Angeles allows for creativeness to flourish due to the mix of lifestyles found within the city.

Video still

During the video, Mr. Chait briefly touches upon the standards and narrative of his brand.

Underneath the video on the Mr Porter Web site, viewers will find a “Shop the Story” button that redirects to a style page featuring Southern California-inspired looks and pieces from The Elder Statesman cashmere collection.

Mr Porter Facebook post

By following the link located in the video’s description on Mr Porter’s Web site, viewers are redirected to Black Tomato's Web site.

The video is shown along with additional insider information provided by Mr. Chait.

Furthermore, Mr. Chait recommends eateries, bars and nightlife venues and natural spaces in Los Angeles, and the Black Tomato Web site features an inquiry box and hyperlink for those interested in planning vacations through the agency.

Mr. Chait's Guide to Los Angeles

Culture clues 
Travel and hospitality brands can benefit from taking advantage of its surrounding culture and environment.

For example, the Waldorf Astoria Park City Utah is targeting nature enthusiasts with a honey harvesting experience that brings guests to a local farm and imparts ideas on how to use it at home.

To continue the package beyond the tour, guests will be able to use harvested honey for a variety of post-tour activities in the spa or kitchen. Creating packages with layered activities gives guests more time to acclimate to the environment and is likely to give guests a positive stay (see story).

In addition, the Leading Hotels of the World is spurring global travelers to visit the brand’s six properties in Ireland during a year-long celebration where guests can explore the local culture.

The Gathering is a year-long celebration of Irish culture that aims to rejuvenate the country’s tourism industry. Through this broad initiative, the Leading Hotels of the World is able to appeal to a diverse range of consumers by offering a number of attractions nationwide (see story).

When forming a partnership, brands should tap the expertise of like-minded brands for a successful campaign.

"Black Tomato should greatly benefit from being put in front of the Mr Porter audience," said Lauren Owen, project manager at Blue Moon Works, Denver, CO.

"The video seems like it will have a more broad impact of improving Mr Porter’s brand image as they are a curator of luxury fashions, so too is Black Tomato a curator of experiences and adventures," Ms. Owen said.  "The two should serve to reinforce the main value proposition of the other."

"These are companies that pull together limitless options and present you with ready to wear, and ready to travel options that are made to make the consumer feel smart and well served."

Final Take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York