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Omega celebrates moon landing with Buzz Aldrin documentary

July 24, 2017

Omega Speedmaster watches were worn on the first mission to the moon. Image credit: Omega


Swiss watchmaker Omega is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster and its role in the Apollo moon mission in 1969 with a short documentary featuring Buzz Aldrin and brand ambassador George Clooney.

The documentary, titled "Starmen," brings the two men together to view footage of the Apollo space flight mission and talk about its effects on them and the world. Throughout the film, the two men discuss the Omega Speedmaster and its role, as the watch was worn by astronauts during the mission.

In 1969, when NASA sent the Apollo space flight up to the moon, the men on the shuttle wore Omega Speedmaster watches.

This fact has been a point of pride for Omega ever since, and the brand is celebrating the 60th anniversary of this timepiece by reminding consumers of the role it played in one of the most triumphant moments in human history.

To do this, Omega brought together Mr. Aldrin, one of the first men to step on the moon, and Mr. Clooney, who has been a brand ambassador for the watchmaker and has fond memories of watching the landing on television as a child.

In a short six-minute documentary, the two men are brought together and bond over their admiration for Omega watches and for the tremendous possibilities presented by space exploration.

The Omega Speedmaster. Image credit: Omega

Mr. Clooney and Mr. Aldrin meet in a room filled with photos of the mission to the moon. As they greet each other, both express awe that they get to meet someone so famous.

Over the course of the mini documentary, the pair talk about some of the intricacies of space flight.

Mr. Aldrin offers his perspective as someone who was on the flight and Mr. Clooney speaks about the feeling the moon landing evoked in those who were watching at home, a sense of awe and accomplishment.

Speaking of the Omega Speedmaster, Mr. Aldrin, at one point says, “When you’re up on the moon, it’s good to know what time it is in Houston, Texas.”

Omega Speedmaster
This is not the first time Omega has leaned on its credibility in the scientific world for branding purposes.

Recently, Omega helped the public appreciate science through a new partnership with The Starmus Festival.

The mission of The Starmus Festival is to teach the general public to understand and appreciate science, art and music. Launched in 2011, The Starmus Festival’s program has included performances and presentations from astronauts, cosmonauts, Nobel Prize winners and figures from science, culture, the arts and music (see story).

Outside of the moon landing, Omega has also been pushing its role in another historic event, the Olympics.

Omega | Starmen with George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin 

Omega has announced that it is continuing its partnership with the International Olympic Committee to remain the official timekeeper of the Olympic games through 2032.

The 2032 Olympic games will mark the 100th anniversary of Omega partnering with the Olympics. In that time, Omega has introduced a number of high-tech timekeeping innovations to the Olympics, which it will continue to do for at least another 15 years (see story).

Omega’s latest video campaign continues that tradition of positioning the brand as an integral part of history.