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Piaget goes for gold with ‘Possession’ campaign

June 7, 2023

The house hones in on the handcrafted line, tracking the process of creation from raw material to shaping and beyond for its latest expression. Image credit: Piaget The house hones in on the handcrafted line, exploring the process of creation from raw material to finished product with its latest expression. Image credit: Piaget


Swiss jeweler Piaget is transporting audiences to Geneva for its latest expression.

The Swiss house is honing in on a handcrafted line, exploring the process of construction as raw material is refined into the finished product. Leading with the same playful spirit that defines its anchoring line, Piaget shares behind-the-scenes lessons in a new campaign for the Possession collection.

House of Gold
The Swiss village of La Côte-aux-Fées has been home to brand operations since its founding in 1874. Piaget’s Plan-les-Ouates workshops, however, have set the scene for sophisticated displays of craftsmanship since 2001.

The lessons in goldsmithing and gem-setting that occur on-site, actions that yield Possession rings, necklaces and bracelets, serve as the subject of a new video series.

Piaget's House of Gold, Episode One: "The Gold Obsession"

Whereas the former site handles the creation of ultrathin calibers, artisans based at the latter location continue to push Piaget’s jewelry offerings forward, the Richemont-owned player’s Possession range proving to be no exception.

Entitled “House of Gold,” each digital drop tracks the stages of production for the material at hand as it shapeshifts from a solid to liquid, and back again. An obsession with the metal’s properties – its density, malleability and performance under pressure – is established in episode one.

For the second excerpt in Piaget’s sequence, the maison’s very own Gold Foundry is the focus, as a team of metalworkers immerses tools in temperatures upward of 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Piaget's House of Gold, Episode Two: "The Gold Foundry"

The centuries-old traditions captured juxtapose a contemporary product shot appearing at the clip’s end. The third episode of “House of Gold” centers on a textured approach, showcasing the versatility of its designs by weaving and lacing “threads” of gold to form chains and mesh.

“Piaget takes possession of gold,” flashes across the screen, grounding the collection’s title with a more tangible phrase.

Indeed, the company has pushed the boundaries of today’s most popular lapidary techniques since debuting Possession in the 1990s.

Piaget's House of Gold, Episode Three: "The Gold Mesh Art"

In 2017, the brand enhanced pieces with colored gems for the first time in 25 years. In 2020, the late 20th-century arrival celebrated three decades in existence.

Today, Piaget continues Possession's legacy through engaging content that aligns with recent recommendations for best practices.

Linking content
Each individually an effective storytelling item, Piaget’s Possession series would pack a punch if placed across platforms.

A recent study regarding paid content posted to LinkedIn shared that effects such as product placement, color scheme, musicality and scene pacing are among the many factors with the potential to improve key metrics if approached correctly.

Experts found that highlighting the hero product close-up in the opening scene before giving a full-view product shot can boost performance by 242 percent. The use of close-up shots was additionally found to influence click-through rates, which jumped 5.5 percent on these posts (see story).

Piaget's House of Gold, Episode Four: "The Gold Shaping"

The largest jewelry workshop in Geneva – another Swiss name recently repossessed an adjacent title in the U.S. (see story) – folded zoomed shots, along with sensorial visuals and sound, into “House of Gold” episodes, sealing the social media deal.

A celebrity cameo could work to further heighten impressions. Ample content from various star-studded Cannes Film Festival dressing moments remains available for repurposing.