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Regina Baglioni teases $18,000-per-night suite with video series

June 10, 2013


Baglioni Hotels’ Regina Baglioni, Rome, is triggering consumer interest in its new Roman Penthouse Suite through a four-part video series.

The travel brand is looking to appeal to affluent travelers’ emotions and their interest in art and craftsmanship. The theme of the series is upgrading consumers’ lives by making them feel joy.

“All hotel chains tend to communicate the same way with very little exceptions,” said Luca Magni, brand and communication advisor at Baglioni Hotels, Milan, Italy. “What we wanted to do was to communicate not only a product, the usual story or usual communication about a space and a service, but the story of a creation, highlighting what’s beyond, the unseen, the conception and the wonder beyond it.

“The idea started with some philosophical thoughts about luxury, which nowadays is one of the most commonly-used words in hospitality,” he said. “The idea is that beyond a product there are all qualities of the human being.

“Luxury is the result of many ingredients, all of which are rare. That’s why it has a value.”

Room upgrade

Baglioni Hotels is presenting the videos on a microsite at where consumers can also view a countdown to the completion of Regina Baglioni’s Roman Penthouse Suite and explore the property.


The first 60-second video called “Upgrade your idea of wonder” shows a woman’s face as she transitions between the emotions of amazement.

No images of the hotel are shown, but only the woman against a dark backdrop.

First video

The second video in the series is called “Upgrade your idea of project.”

In 75 seconds, the video shows the beginning stages of construction on the penthouse suite through blue prints, sketches, color and material samples and digital renderings.

Second video

The third video, “Upgrade your idea of perfection,” focuses on the craftsmanship behind the making of the suite.

Artisans are shown glassblowing chandeliers, assembling tapestries and creating the marble floors of the suite.

Third video

The fourth video will show the completed Roman Penthouse Suite, which offers a panoramic view of the city, three bedrooms, a dining room, multiple living areas, a private kitchen, a private bar and access to private terraces.

Baglioni’s brand and marketing department is working with a partner that specializes in social media to launch the suite in Italy, Britain, other parts of Europe, the United States, Russia and China.

“Distribution is executed via YouTube, Vimeo, Stumble Upon and Reddit, to begin,” Mr. Magni said. “Video seeding is done in all relevant markets where high-end consumers are accustomed to surfing the Web.

“Public relations, blogs and luxury Web sites as well as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are also part of the method,” he said. “In addition, personal marketing presentations and direct mail marketing are used – of course, the old way of communicating via mail cannot be overlooked.

“For us, it is always is a matter of relationships with our clients.”

The 6,028-square-foot Roman Penthouse Suite was designed by Milan-based architects Rebosio+Spagnulo with a mix modern design and traditional architecture.

Consumers who book the suite for at least three nights will receive service from a private chef and barman, exclusive access to the Sistine Chapel and a private tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica.

All Roman Penthouse Suite bookings at $18, 000 per night include butler service, in-room concierge and limo service.

Through the camera lens

Luxury hotel brands have used video to flaunt their uniqueness at the corporate and properties levels.

For example, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. is showcasing some of its skilled employees in a 10-part video series that is meant to give a behind-the-scenes look at the brand and bolster digital engagement.

The hotel chain is building on its “Let Us Stay With You” lifestyle initiative with the “Art of The Craft” video series that centers on the talents of its employees and how they contribute to the guest experience.

The Art of The Craft series shows how select “ladies and gentlemen” of the Ritz-Carlton staff add to the overall experience at some of its properties.

In the first four to be released in the series, it is apparent the sommelier, chef, housekeeper and the shoe shine valet embody what the brand stands for, its mission and values (see story).

In addition, Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, is flaunting the location of its property through a lifestyle social video that gives consumers a quick look into what the hotel has to offer.

The three-minute video goes through a range of activities that guests can experience while staying at the hotel.

The video seems to be centered on the location of the hotel property. The Beverly Wilshire is located near Rodeo Drive in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, which is showcased by the shopping in the video and the apparent nice weather as the couple is shown at the hotel’s pool (see story).

“A video truly tells a story and is more involved and emotional than a press release or newsletter,” Mr. Magni said. “A video is alive.”

Final Take
Tricia Carr, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York