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Robb Report Singapore bolsters news coverage via new site

July 8, 2013


Robb Report Singapore unveiled a new Web site July 5 that provides comprehensive coverage of luxury issues and caters to a growing number of digitally attuned readers in the region.

The Web site will augment the magazine by offering myriad features with greater time-sensitivity. Singapore's flourishing luxury market calls for careful attention and the publication's Web site demonstrates to consumers that it will not falter in its delivery of relevant news.

"We believe that we need to provide our readers access to information from different angles," said Lana Petrosyan, senior marketing manager at the Robb Report Singapore.

"Of course, the Web site will not substitute the magazine in any way, but it will become an additional source of the best features from the luxury industry," she said. 

"It provides a great first step to becoming a reader of Robb Report magazine."

CurtCo Robb Media licenses Robb Report Singapore to Indochine Media.

Time for news

Robb Report Singapore aims to make news consumption more streamlined, timely and nuanced for readers on-the-go.

The Web site will principally deliver news under eight sections: Sports & Luxury Cars, Jets & Yachts, Home, Travel & Leisure, Watches, Style, Events and Recommended by Robb Report.

Robb Report Singapore Web Site

Updates will occur at least twice per week and may include early glimpses of luxury launches and photos from Robb Report Singapore parties.

The Singapore edition of Robb Report already crafts content that aligns with the culture. The Web site will give the publication greater flexibility and scope in its ability to deliver relevant, culturally vetted information and opinion since content can be produced at a much faster rate. 

Additionally, the Singapore edition closely monitors the luxury brands that make the boldest moves in the Asian market, rather than paying attention to brands that are limited to the West.

Robb Report Singapore Web Site

Readers with a greater interest in the publication can subscribe to plans that offer exclusive promotions, videos and other information.

The Web site also gives advertisers another platform to reach consumers. This raises brand awareness and may procure more readers for the publication by creating more luxury consumers.

Traveling the world

Other publications understand the importance of branching out in other markets by offering varied content on different platforms.

For example, Condé Nast’s Vogue Paris launched its first full magazine for smartphone users by allowing readers to view all of its content through a mobile application.

Readers can view the full issues, share pages, buy back issues and access Vogue Paris’ Web site and Twitter account through the app. This app also gives advertisers an additional outlet to reach consumers (see story).

Robb Report Singapore's decision to launch a Web site was accompanied by further scrutiny of the culture. Robb Report modifies its content according to relevant criteria for each of its many publications.

"Every market has its own values," Ms. Petrosyan said.

"Of course, luxury in its general understanding stays the same, but in some countries people buy super cars and in other countries they would rather invest in rare bottle of wine or whisky," she said.

"We do have to tailor our content to stay relevant for our readers and match their interests."

Final Take
Joe McCarthy, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York