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Robb Report taps luxury real estate craze with niche magazine

November 2, 2012


Robb Report is pushing into the wave of new home and design content from top publications by providing its own take on architecture, home products, furnishings and interior design in a bi-monthly magazine.

Beginning March 2013, Robb Report will publish its “Home & Style” niche magazine once every two months to enhance its existing coverage of luxury real estate. Also, New York Post, The Wall Street Journal and Departures magazine are each adding on to their real estate and home design content through new supplements that are aimed at affluent readers.

“Robb Report is interested in significantly increasing its editorial coverage of fine living – at home as well as at vacation destinations,” said Brett Anderson, senior vice president of editorial at CurtCo Media, Malibu, CA. “The launch of Home & Style dramatically expands the brand’s coverage of architecture, interior design, furnishings and the unique destination experiences, such as fine dining, nightlife and other activities, associated with luxury vacation properties.

“Market research on the Robb Report audience indicates that this group owns more homes, travels more often, and indulges in more vacation experiences than readers of any other magazine,” he said. “For this reason, this audience seeks concise and insightful information on unique properties, products, services and experiences from a trusted source like Home & Style.”

CurtCo Media owns Robb Report.

Home, sweet, home

Robb Report’s Home & Style magazine will cover the most recent work done by architects and interior designers. There will be special sections in each issue to showcase their projects.

Each issue will also contain three permanent sections: Homefront, By Design and My Favorite Room.

Homefront will contain news on trends in home furnishings. It will also touch on subjects such as landscape design, outdoor kitchens and home spas.

By Design is a spotlight on a specific segment of residential décor such as fireplaces, kitchen cabinetry and home theaters. Stories will center on manufacturers, designers and artisans.

My Favorite Room will be a back-page article that features a different designer, architect, builder or developer in each issue. The person will share success stories in their area of work.

Home & Style will focus on real estate destinations where readers might consider purchasing a vacation home.

The magazine will be packaged six times per year with Robb Report.

Home & Style will be delivered to Robb Report subscribers. It will also be placed in certain newsstands and airport locations.

The publication will also be available through a tablet edition.

“While there is still uncertainty in the economy, all indications suggest that the most affluent consumers are regaining confidence in the economy and their prospects for the future,” Mr. Anderson said. “This trend combined with great deals in the market for luxury vacation properties has stimulated growth and interest in all of the subjects addressed by Home & Style.”

Keeping it real

Just as the luxury real estate sector is seeing record growth, marketers are tapping this renewed interest from affluent consumers by advertising in the surge of niche publication supplements.

“Regardless of the product you sell, you must go to wherever the affluent may be,” said Chris Ramey, president of Affluent Insights, Miami. “Ubiquity drives awareness and sales.

“The affluent explore real estate online, but that does not negate the need to market in a respected newspaper or a real estate magazine,” he said. “Anything less than ubiquity leaves stones unturned and customers under-served.”

One example is that the New York Post recently began circulation of a 12-page broadsheet centered on high-end real estate. It came as a free insert in the newspaper.

The “Alexa Luxe Living” supplement shows the “most exclusive real estate for sale in and around the city,” per the Post (see story).

Additionally, American Express Publishing’s Departures is embarking on a second publication that will come out once a year and focus on architecture, design, home furnishings, objets d’art and entertaining.

The first issue of Departures Home + Design will be published in May and, like its parent magazine, will be distributed to American Express Platinum Card and Centurion members (see story).

Also, the Wall Street Journal recently launched a high-end real estate section called Mansion.

Mansion appears as a stand-alone section in the Journal every Friday in the United States, with select content in digital and multiple language editions (see story).

“The size of the affluent market, particularly when including the total international population of the truly affluent, is sufficiently large to support highly-specialized publications targeting well defined market niches,” said Ron Kurtz, president of American Affluence Research Center, Atlanta. “First, there is good potential advertising revenue for the publication.

“Such publications can be cost-efficient and effective for marketers that need and want to reach a niche with specific interests,” he said. “This new Robb Report publication will help them to leverage this opportunity and attract new ad revenues.

“This may also help Robb Report to prevent some of its audience from straying to other publications to find similar content.”

Final Take

Tricia Carr, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York