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Ruinart brings its history to life in special dining experience

November 22, 2017

Ruinart brings guests into its history. Image credit: Ruinart


As digital becomes more omnichannel rather than a separate entity from a brand’s physical presence, LVMH-owned Champagne house Ruinart brings a dining experience to life through anamorphosis.

Ruinart's “Petit R” is an interactive experience that brings a dining room to life with an immersive view of the brand’s history. Using 3-dimensional mapping, the experience brings guests into a world drawn by Japanese artist Kanako Kun.

"When it comes to customer loyalty, VR is the new reality," said Carrie McIlveen,  U.S. director of marketing at Metia. "VR can create a higher emotional connection through the experience.

"It is a remarkable way to share the history of Ruinart—it transports guests through an unforgettable series of events, unveiled right before their very eyes (and place settings)," she said. "It places people into a three-dimensional world that compels them to reach out and see if it’s real. A very powerful tool that encourages conversation and can ultimately affect sales."

Animation anamorphosis
Guests of 4 rue des Crayères in Reims, Ruinart’s historic home and restaurant, will be brought into an animated version of the Champagne’s history.

Using a process called anamorphosis and 3D mapping, Ruinart brings the room to life with animations projected on the dining table, plates, cups, silverware and around the room on the walls.

The animation tells the story of how Nicolas Ruinart started the Champagne brand, known as the first Champagne brand.

Ruinart presents "Petit R," an immersive experience 

To see the interactive dining experience, guests can reserve a spot in the reception room.

LVMH premiered a preview of the experience at the 2017 edition of Viva Technology in Paris.

The animation includes illustrations of Mr. Ruinart as he creates his beverage and transforms guests’ dinner tables into the vineyards, a studio, a clock, a city, world map, a well, flying airplanes and more.

Ruinart has shared a short behind-the-scenes video of the process, showing Ms. Kun drawing the animation along with the digital animation process in bringing the illustrations to life. The dining room is fitted with projections and technology to bring the room to life, and a special score for the film has also been recorded.

Ruinart presents "Petit R" - Making of 

Champagne campaigns
Ruinart has often shared immersive experiences and campaigns to better connect with consumers.

The brand also recently translated its spirit into humanoid form, telling its origin story in a new medium through an art alliance.

Ruinart’s artist of the year Jaume Plensa took inspiration from the man behind its origins dom Thierry Ruinart, creating a sculpture that is multilingual. Ruinart selects a new artistic collaborator each year, allowing it to gain a new perspective on its own narrative (see more).

Ruinart also educated consumers on the finer points of its rosé with a social media takeover for the wine.

Last year, the brand provided a crash course in rosé through a series of posts on its Instagram account. This closer look at the wine's production and history may help Ruinart differentiate its rosé from competitors (see more).

"The use of cutting edge technology and virtual experiences are continuing to transform the customer experience," said Ms. McIlveen said. "The use of this immersive platform instantly places you into a another realm and engages the customer emotionally."