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Tag Heuer revamps retail environments via staging, sounds

December 20, 2016

Tag Heuer's Fukuoka, Japan boutique after its makeover Tag Heuer's Fukuoka, Japan boutique after its makeover


Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer is leveraging a residential real estate trend to give dozens of its boutiques a fast facelift.

Forty of Tag Heuer’s stores around the world were given a new look in less than 10 weeks through home staging, as touches such as décor and displays were revamped. This cosmetic update was not only speedy, but allowed the brand to keep up business as usual, since the upgrades did not interrupt sales.

Modern makeover
For this revamp, Tag Heuer created a triangular decoration that is based on its brand shield. Appearing in different colorations and varied materials, this shape was incorporated into the boutique façades, store windows and interior displays.

Overlapping patterns call to mind the watch mechanisms, while red accents represent Tag Heuer’s connection to racing.

Along with the 40 brands already given a new look, Tag Heuer will update its remaining boutiques in 2017.

Tag Heuer Champs Elysees store home staging

Tag Heuer boutique on the Champs Elysées after its makeover

Tag Heuer also gave its entire store network a new audio appearance through the Spotify-sponsored “Soundtrack Your Brand” streaming service. The two playlists developed for the in-store environment include one aimed at millennials and another featuring tracks by Tag Heuer ambassadors such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix and OneRepublic.

Those who follow Spotify on social media will be given an option to be notified when Tag Heuer updates these playlists.

"We've created a soundtrack for Tag Heuer that we think is perfectly aligned with its brand,“ said Magnus Rydén, head of content at Soundtrack your Brand. “Tag Heuer is modern and international, its watches are disruptive yet accessible.

“We've crafted a soundtrack for Tag Heuer that's grounded in the global EDM-scene and takes its inspiration from David Guetta, Nervo and Martin Garrix. But instead of the bombastic arena anthems, we have emphasised more discreet and delicate songs."

Sound is an important part of the in-store experience, and brands are establishing customized tracks that truly reflect their positioning and clientele.

For instance, Montblanc traded in its in-store soundtrack, working with Mood Media to replace it with a custom-designed playlist. Sound designers at Mood Media created a “bespoke soundscape” for Montblanc, basing the musical selection off the brand’s values of luxury and modernity.

The music program was designed to appeal to the tastes of Montblanc’s four key consumer profiles. These include jazz and modern music for men, deep and chill house for younger consumers, soft, acoustic and jazzy sounds for women and retro music for “collectors,” meaning those who may be eyeing Montblanc’s special-editions (see story).