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That “Made in USA” label may be worth more than you think

January 30, 2013


1 thought on “That “Made in USA” label may be worth more than you think”

  1. Regina says:

    As a e-commerce retailer of fashion apparel & accessories, I have noticed a huge saturation of pop-up small fashion boutiques cropping up all over the place as a result of the BOOM of Instagram & Pinterest, and the likes. When i started my company in 2009, which isn’t that long ago, I actually did, and still do a ton of leg work and in person networking with my vendors. I began to notice that MANY of my vendors have opened up their wholesale to what seems to be, just anyone who has a “boutique”. When I was obtaining these very accounts, there was a lot of steps necessary and verifications needing to be made in order to gain access to purchase goods for resale. Over time, I have gotten more poor quality goods from these same vendors than I had in the past. I guess due to them fulfilling a higher demand for their goods and the help their bottom line. Many of them have also suddenly revised their return policies, which in short means that they have ELIMINATED offering returns and even to an extent; an exchange. Which why would I want to exchange only to receive the same quality. So, I have been slowly moving away from them and am now in transition to a new direction for my company in which my customers will be pleased.