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Tiffany & Co. encourages pursuits of love, friendship in new campaign

April 8, 2021

The Tiffany T collection includes rings, pendants, bracelets and more. Image credit: Tiffany & Co.


U.S. jeweler Tiffany & Co. is getting simply sentimental in its latest effort for its Tiffany T collection.

Tiffany & Co. has released four 15-second videos, each dedicated to an emotion that consumers can find within themselves and the world while sporting new products from the jewelry collection. The vignettes are inviting and exciting, aiming to inspire relatable and inspiring feelings in consumers.

"The face close ups give the viewer a chance to come 'closer' to the model, as if looking intimately into their soul,” said Thomaï Serdari, director of fashion and luxury MBA and professor at NYU Stern, New York. “And the models do exactly that: They reveal their thoughts and soul and how they feel about joy, friendship, love, and strength.  

“Each one of these four experiences can be commemorated and symbolized in the jeweler's collection,” she said. “In essence, each piece can become the foundation of a much bigger personal collection, the combination of which remains unique and specific to the individual wearer.” 

What to find with Tiffany T
The four vignettes instantly convey to consumers that the Tiffany T collection can be with consumers as they experience some of life’s simplest yet most important emotions.

Each film appears to be shot on a movie set, where the women’s aesthetics and different thoughts are portrayed while also conveying a palpable sense of connectedness. Every vignette begins with the classic Tiffany & Co. robin’s-egg blue backdrop.

Find Friendship with Tiffany T

The first film, discussing friendship, opens with a closeup of two Tiffany T bracelets, the Tiffany T pavé diamond square bracelet in 18K rose gold and 18K gold, both listed at $13,500. The shot then cuts to a different woman wearing three stacked Tiffany T wire bracelets, each bracelet starting at $4,000.

A montage shows different women wearing the fine jewelry as they explain what friendship means to them through voiceovers.

“Friendships are like the push and pull of waves,” one woman says.

“They are instinctive, open-minded, like you feel very comfortable,” another voice then chimes in.

The next film discusses finding love and opens with a closeup of two of the collection’s new rings. The first ring is the true 8 mm ring in 18K gold, listed at $2,500 and the other ring is the true wide ring in 18K rose gold with studded with round diamonds, at $6,200.

Different true rings from the Tiffany T collection. Image credit: Tiffany & Co.

The second video once again features different women sporting disparate products from the line as various voiceovers explain their experiences of love.

“Love is the thing that connects all of us,” one woman says.

“I love being in love,” another adds. “Love is passion, feeling nervous excitement.”

The third short film is centered on finding strength. The theme of the series continues with different women discussing their different understandings of a common concept.

“To me being strong means having patience when times are tough,” one woman says.

“To me being strong means standing up for yourself,” another woman adds.

The final vignette is about finding joy and opens with a shot of the Tiffany T smile pendant in rose gold, retailing at $925. Subsequent shots then focus on other new necklaces from the collection, including the Tiffany T extra-large smile pendant in 18K white gold with diamonds that retails for $8,500.

“I think there’s quite a lot of things that make me smile,” one woman begins. She then lists pasta, flowers and animals as some of the things that bring her joy.

Whether in pursuit of friendship, love, strength or joy, Tiffany & Co. reminds consumers that although we feel things differently, the heart of what we are searching for is often the same.

“Tiffany & Co. created a dynamic catalog, which motivates viewers to replay the content multiple times and the subliminal cues will motivate additional product desire,” said Dalia Strum, founder of Rethink Connect and professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. “There’s also an element of the collection being styled on different consumer profiles as additional points of inspiration.”

Love to love
Many brands continue to utilize storytelling in illustrating how their values reflect universal human desires, including the desire to love and be loved in return.

In February, Prada-owned Miu Miu illustrated the triumphs of love amid anti-miscegenation laws, with director Isabel Sandoval starring in the latest installment of its “Women’s Tales” series. Since 2011, the series has supported female filmmakers and shared wide-ranging stories reflecting on feminism and other values reflected by the Miu Miu brand (see story).

Tiffany & Co. is not alone in illustrating the role of friendship in its storytelling, with other brands also highlighting its connections to the entity.

Last month, Italian fashion brand Fendi unveiled the newest episode of its #BaguetteFriendsForever series, starring real life best friends Ryoko Yonekura and Youn-a. Since the series’s inception in 2019, Fendi has celebrated the value of friendships and the Baguette bag around the world, from Shanghai and Hong Kong to New York and Rome featuring renowned protagonists including Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfried and Winnie Harlow (see story).

“It is a collection designed for busy women who find time to celebrate themselves and their community,” Ms. Serdari said. “The strongest message, even if untold, about this collection is the fact that jewelry is fashion and a means to express one's identity.”