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Top 10 mobile marketing trends for 2017

December 29, 2016

At sixes and sevens for others At sixes and sevens for others


By Ritesh Bhavnani

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 mobile marketing trends for 2017”

  1. Paul Tomes says:

    Thanks for sharing Ritesh – a great summary.

    In my experience, the response to these trends by marketers (and the shift of investment dollars from traditional marketing and customer engagement) has been fairly slow over the last 5 years but it definitely seems like the tide is turning.

    Overall if businesses / marketers turn their attention (and investment) to making a ‘physical world’ buying experience more engaging and convenient (i.e. responding to many of the trends you identify) they will start to see bottom line impact.

  2. Nimesh says:

    Hi Ritesh,

    Nicely summarised article. Thanks for sharing. Smartphone dominance will continue and keep on increasing in upcoming years. And businesses are shifting focus from web to mobile. Application development services are on demand, lot of investment will be there on IT services but, the question of privacy & data security should be at the center of the stage.