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Prada winds down in summery and bucolic vignette
July 12, 2018
Prada's Summer Illusions tells the story of a romance in three parts As the film begins, it is early morning and the only audible sounds are nature’s soundtrack. Part I of the vignette is titled "La Discrezione," or The Discretion in English. The couple separately enjoy their breakfasts and explore their surroundings before meeting at a dock. In part II, "L’avventura" or The Adventure, instrumental music is introduced and the tempo quickens. The man and woman walk in the woods and romantically traipse among a sea of sheets drying on a clothesline. They arrive at a group of docks. The camera lingers as the woman buttons her partner’s shirt, while in another scene he is wearing it unbuttoned. "La Promessa," The Promise, takes the couple to the cliffside beach for the third act. They enjoy an intimate picnic and stroll by the water. Prada's pre-fall 2018 campaign video features wearable pieces like cotton blouses. Image Credit: Prada