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Armani fosters community for Paris event via real-time journal

January 22, 2014


Italian apparel brand Giorgio Armani is leveraging the digital real-time journal Armani Live to generate interest in its One Night Only event series by creating a connected community through various postings.

Armani’s journal chronicled the days leading up to Armani’s One Night Only Paris event Jan. 21 with posts beginning Jan. 17. Armani rehashed the journal’s format to focus on the upcoming Paris event and increase anticipation among avid readers of Armani Live who are able to remotely tune-in via real-time updates.

“The obvious intent in creating an online journal is to get Armani customers and prospects to visit repeatedly,” said Jeff Hasen, Seattle-based chief marketing officer of Mobivity. “The challenges will be to build awareness and interest.

“Offering sneak peeks, exclusive offers, and a sense of specialness is a road to take," he said.

Mr. Hasen is not affiliated with Armani, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Armani was unable to comment directly.

Parisian nights
As the event approached, Armani used its other social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to mirror the postings on Armani Live. By creating consistency across platforms, Armani was able to reach a wider audience than had the brand only relied on its blog.

For the One Night Only Paris promotions Armani posted diary entries by brand founder Mr. Armani, a video tour guide of Paris, a gallery of French magazine covers that have featured the fashion house’s apparel, sketches of the Privé collection and celebrities wearing pieces to various awards shows.

Armani sketch 

To better capture the essence of Paris, Armani recruited French director Loïc Prigent to create special editorial content for Armani Live. According to a brand statement Mr. Prigent’s work “show[s] a real sympathy for its subjects, while still offering an often unseen view of the creative process of some of our most celebrated names in fashion.”

Armani Live covers every facet of Mr. Armani’s inspiration drawn from Paris, but is brought to life through the lens of Mr. Prigent.

For example, one video short shows couture seamstresses working, while a voiceover of Mr. Armani explains why Paris is the ideal location to show his Privé collection as the city is the birthplace of couture.

Armani and Haute Couture by Loïc Prigent

Other videos display Mr. Armani at work on his couture collection, his favorite Parisian locations and the casting of the runway show occurring during the One Night Only Paris event.

All of Mr. Prigent’s videos for Armani are shot in black-and-white and are under a minute to capture Mr. Armani’s relationship to Paris simply without bogging down the viewer with too much information.

Video still from "The couturier is at work" by Loïc Prigent

Additionally, readers can listen to Parisian music, locate Armani boutiques in Paris, as well as see each location’s decor, read Mr. Prigent’s biography and watch a video compilation of beauty looks from One Night Only events in Tokyo and New York.

Paris music featured on Armani Live 

Armani invited its followers and enthusiasts to participate and build up the event’s community by using the hashtag #OneNightOnlyParis on social media.

Read all about it
Recently, brands have looked to branded blogs and journals to share information with consumers. This focused and in-depth format allows a brand to share the best of its offerings or events to a concentrated audience of dedicated consumers.

For instance, Armani used its real-time journal to generate interest in its Armani Live in NYC posts Oct. 22-29 and subsequent One Night Only event through a mobile banner ad found on New York magazine’s The Cut.

The ad’s placement, movement and mention of New York may have attracted the attention of readers. A mobile ad with relevance to readers outside of expected fashion promotions is more likely to generate a click-through (see story).

A blog format is ideal for newly launched products as readers are already more likely to see a reason to visit.

For example, Armani used Armani Live to pique interest in its Emporio Armani Meccanico watch collection as the holidays approached. Unveiling new products on a branded blog allows a brand to target its most dedicated consumers who frequently check the blog for updates on products, news and events (see story).

Creative partnerships can further enhance the elements of a branded journal.

"There is nothing ordinary about Armani, so it follows that its marketing should help separate the brand from the rest,” Mr. Hasen said.

“Tying to a famous director, especially one who is French, elevates the storytelling,” he said.

Final Take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York