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Avión chooses ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ for Choose Pleasure spot

June 20, 2012


Premium tequila company Avión is choosing the well-off and educated male and female demographic of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show to push its television commercial centered around the taste and quality of its product.

The Choose Pleasure commercial is running three consecutive nights starting last night. Rather than celebrating a lifestyle based around Avión, the brand is focusing on quality and mild taste that the founder says is not typically found with this particular spirit.

“The spot itself is dynamic, especially for the wine and spirits industry,” said Ken Austin, New York-based founder of Avión. “The goal is to be disruptive and to do things that other drink brands do not do, which is tell a story rather than a lifestyle.

“When looking at the demographics, we are trying to strike with the consumer who we think is intelligent, likes to have a good time and appreciates quality,” he said. “This is the 'Kimmel’ audience and why we wanted to advertise on his show.”

All bark, no bite
The commercial is available in 15-, 30- and 60-second spots.

“It is about how Avión creates pleasure rather than pain when drinking it,” Mr. Austin said.

Avión commercial

The essence of the commercial revolves around a couple. The woman shows up at her significant others’ door wearing provocative clothing and ties him with a blindfold.

Then, she pours two glasses of tequila and allows him to smell the tumbler. When the smell is pleasurable rather than bitter, he knows that it is Avión.

The tagline is, “Pain has its place. Just not in tequila.”

Another differentiator for this commercial is that the woman is the hero.

Where other spirits brands focus on male consumers aged 21-35, a slightly older demographic is Avión’s “sweet spot,” per Mr. Austin.

The commercial has already aired on networks including ESPN and Bravo, but the placement alongside Jimmy Kimmel correctly hits Avión’s target consumer of an older, mixed gender demographic.

In addition, some networks such as ESPN are cluttered with spirits brands, according to Mr. Austin. Since Avión is a new brand, it is hard to break into an already-saturated market.

Avión's Facebook page

Chasing the consumer
To complement the TV spot, Avión is highlighting taste and quality through out-of-home and print ads.

There are 10 billboard ads up in Los Angeles, soon followed by those in cities including New York, Chicago and Texas.

In addition, there will be fly-over aerial ads flying across the beaches in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago and Miami.

Out-of-home ads

Print ads have appeared in publications including Maxim and The Wall Street Journal, and more will appear in the future.

There are also links to the commercials on Avión's Facebook and Twitter pages.

One of Avión’s challenges is building brand awareness. The spirit company was originally brought to light via a storyline in HBO’s series “Entourage,” but most consumers are still unaware that it is a real brand and not just a prop.

Therefore, a combination of multichannel ads and especially its TV spots will grow the brand in a natural and organic way, per Mr. Austin.

“TV is a bold choice,” Mr. Austin said. “We are working on marketing innovation and doing things that are unexpected, like appearing on Jimmy Kimmel.

“For this show, in particular, it is live and a lot of people like to watch it as it is happening, so you know that you are going to hit that audience,” he said. “Not a lot of people TiVo it, and if they do, it is not a large percentage.

“We are looking for spots where Avión is very relevant to the audience.”

Final Take

Rachel Lamb, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York