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Chopard hides happiness around the Italian coast

August 10, 2017

Chopard's latest Happy Diamonds campaign. Image credit: Chopard


Swiss jeweler Chopard is taking viewers on a scavenger hunt around the Italian coast to find various pieces from its Happy Diamonds collection.

The playful spot from Chopard expands on its notion to change the world with a cheerful attitude in its Happy Diamonds campaign. The latest leg to the campaign is its summertime vignette in which a woman happily travels around the beautiful and brightly-colored Italian coast collecting various jewelry pieces.

“Without a doubt, it grabs your attention and builds emotion,” said Carrie McIlveen, managing director at Maria. “You can feel the excitement and thrill she is experiencing.

“It draws you in and you want to discover what she will find next,” she said. “Italy is the perfect backdrop for this romantic and glamourous treasure hunt.”

Happiness is a diamond
Chopard's “Happy Diamonds: Celebrate Endless Happiness” starts out with a woman waking up in bed in a villa on the coast of Italy.

A fast, upbeat song plays as she rises out of bed and opens an envelope that was slid into her room, which has the Chopard branding. After seeing that the inside of the card features a drawing of a diamond with a question mark, the woman begins jumping for joy on her bed.

As she leaves her room, closeups of the Chopard jewelry she is wearing shows, before a bellboy hands her a magnifying glass. She gives a smirk to the man and quickly finds an earring in a painting by using the magnifying glass.

The woman takes to the streets with a map to find the rest of the collection. She follows an arrow, which leads her to a sign for stairs, leading her to one that informs her to turn around before finding a stop sign.

There, she pulls a necklace out of a lion statue’s mouth.

After that, she finds a watch at the bottom of a pool and dives in to retrieve it before searching for other pieces by standing on a balcony with binoculars.

She heads to the water, where she finds a key to a door. She opens the door and is transformed into a DJ playing a record.

Chopard's Happy Diamonds: Celebrate Endless Happiness 

Chopard campaigns
Chopard first displayed how a “happy attitude can change the world” through promotions for its Happy Diamonds collection in 2015.

Using a contemporary and modern approach, Chopard’s imagery shows young, energetic women wearing pieces from the Happy Diamonds collection. To appeal to a younger consumer sect, refreshing a campaign with youthfulness in a glamorous and sophisticated way is likely to boost interest among women who previously did not interact with the brand (see more).

The jeweler also recently aligned itself with Rihanna, tapping the pop star’s aesthetic for co-designed collections.

For Rihanna Loves Chopard, the recording artist worked with Chopard’s co-president and creative director Caroline Scheufele to develop two lines, including a high-jewelry range. With a highly individualistic personal style and a huge following, a number of luxury houses, including Manolo Blahnik and Dior, have worked with Rihanna in a design capacity (see more).

“It takes the viewer on a sparkling journey and reveals information about their products in a distinctive way,” Ms. McIlveen said. “It inspires and fuels inspiration on thoughtful ways to gift their product.”