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Dior sponsors W magazine’s online Fashion on Film experience

November 12, 2010

Dior is the lone sponsor of the Fashion on Film initiative


French fashion house Christian Dior has partnered with Conde Nast’s W for a sponsorship of the magazine’s online, interactive Fashion on Film festival.

Dior’s sponsorship spans a number of different tactics such as traditional banner displays, video spots and involvement in a young filmmaker competition hosted by the magazine. The W Web site totaled more than 2 million page views in the first two days after the launch of the initiative.

“Dior creates some of the most beautiful brand films in the world,” said Nina Lawrence, publisher and vice president of W, New York. “[W] is literally the most award-winning publication for fashion photography in the world – and the concept of partnering with Dior as a spectacular image- and film-driven brand with W was a perfect match.

“When they heard what we were doing they were very interested in partnering with us,” she said. “The kinds of people who are interested in online film festival from W magazine are probably the kind of people who are very interested in Dior as a brand,”

The festival represents the newest phase in W’s reinvention under the budding stewardship of editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi (see story).

Film buffs

The festival has four different content sections:

The first, called “The Remaking of W,” is a documentary that details editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi’s mission to reinvent the magazine.

The Fashion Films channel features a dozens of films produced by designers and curated by the magazine. Brands involved include Tod’s, Alexander Wang, Versace, Yves St. Laurent and Chanel.

The section also includes several films-cum-advertisements from Dior, denoted by the brand’s logo.

The Best of the Festivals section is where guest curator Herve Mkaeloff, art consultant and advisor to LVMH, chooses his own set of films to display.

Finally, In a Fashion Minute includes the videos of finalists in W’s young filmmaker contest. The section includes eight films visitors can watch and vote on. The winner receives $1,000 to fund film projects.

Consumers who vote for films in the contest section can enter to win Dior Beauty products and a $1,000 American Express gift card.


Dior’s sponsorship also includes traditional banner displays.

The fashion brand purchased a run-of-site package that includes a 720x90 banner ad at the top of the W Web site and a 300x250 banner ad on the side.


Dior banner ads on W's Web site

The ads promote Dior’s J’Adore line of beauty products and lead to a landing page where visitors can research more about the collection.

The landing page includes creative with actress Charlize Theron over thumbnail images of various Dior beauty products.


Dior landing page

Consumers can click through the thumbnails to get a closer look at different products and begin the purchase process.

The YouTube of fashion?

The brand plans to relaunch its Web site early next year with a much greater emphasis on video – even to the extent of positioning the magazine’s Web site as the YouTube for fashion, according to Ms. Lawrence.

Along the same lines, W plans to release an iPad application next fall.

Each of these platforms provide new, more interactive and engaging platforms for luxury brands to target consumers.

“Dior is smart to find a place where the iconic fashion moments in cinema are being celebrated, but yet where online video, mobile and social are going to play a part in the creation process of content,” said Paul Farkas, cofounder of SoCin, New York.

Final Take

A contest submission from the Fashion on Film project