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Hermès tells multigenerational tale to simplify tie tying

May 19, 2017

Video still from Hermès’ "Tie the Knot"


French apparel and accessories house Hermès is blending narrative and tutorial in content that centers on family ties.

The brand’s “Tie the Knot” film brings multiple generations together to solve a tie tying conundrum. Hermès often infuses its how-to features with playful storytelling, allowing these to serve as both education and entertainment.

Looping in
Hermès’ film, shared on its YouTube channel, opens on the ambient noise of a phone ringing.

The caller is seen on a landline telephone in Hermès’ signature orange, speaking to the recipient, his brother. Creating a differentiation between the two characters, the caller has unkempt hair, while his sibling is more straight-laced.

Explaining the purpose of his call, the more free-spirited soul asks the man on the other end how to tie a tie, requesting the simplest of knots. Teasing him slightly, the helper asks if the caller “finally” has a job interview.

Still from Hermès' Tie the Knot film

After struggling to demonstrate verbally, the more conservative brother decides to call their father, comically picking up another phone receiver to do so. Further establishing the background of the first caller, David, their father responds to the request for a tie tutorial by asking if David has a court appearance.

As the father runs through the steps, all three men on the three-way call demonstrate the motions.

Ties tied, David asks his brother and father if they have a particular date free. Explaining his sudden sartorial concern, he tells them that he is getting married.

Hermès – Tie the Knot

While consumers may or may not identify with David's beginner status, the brand's audience can still engage with the content and use its tips.

Dressing diversions
While ties' formal and corporate associations could lead them to feel stuffy, Hermès has looked to infuse fun into the accessory.

Hermès is giving consumers an interactive way to browse its tie selection with a new mobile application that aims to provide a respite from work or commutes.

The brand's Tie Break includes arcade games, GIFs, cartoons and animated tie designs, as well as tie tying tutorials and a gallery of autumn/winter 2014 tie patterns. Adding a touch of gamification to fashion will encourage consumers to interact with the entire range of Hermès' ties (see story).

Beyond ties, Hermès has explored the versatility of its silk collection with gamification.

The label updated its scarf-tying application to include a two-device game to encourage consumers to share the app with friends.

Hermès’ "Silk Knots" app, which includes videos and instructions teaching consumers how to tie their scarves in imaginative ways, now has more content and a collaborative video that can only be viewed when two devices are present. By updating with more than just a new collection, Hermès will likely get its fans to download the update and explore the app anew (see story).