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Louis XIII gets a taste of gamification with immersive experience

September 16, 2021

The new LOUIS XIII Mysteries online game is now available in the U.S. Image courtesy of Louis XIII


Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII is the latest luxury brand to experiment with gamification via a new online game focusing on the Cognac house’s history.

Now available for play through its U.S. site, Louis XIII Mysteries challenges players to find hidden codes that answer the game’s 13 puzzles. While several luxury fashion labels and automakers have delved into gamification in numerous ways, Louis XIII is among the first premium spirits labels to leverage gamification as a way to engage consumers.

“Louis XIII thinks a century ahead, and part of our forward-looking perspective is creating digital experiences that provide an opportunity for our clients to engage with our brand in a new and captivating way,” said Leonardo Ferracina, global executive director at Louis XIII.

“We are proud of our rich history and have shared it in many other formats – including a published book, The Thesaurus – but never before have we offered clients and the public the chance to explore and test their own knowledge of Louis XIII Cognac,” he said.

Unlocking mysteries
Before playing, users must register for a game account on the Louis XIII site.

The brand enlisted French gaming technology agency Numberly for the project, which has a sleek and dark aesthetic that contrasts with the rich color of the Cognac bottles. The game has been optimized for both mobile and desktop use.

Louis XIII Mysteries’ landing page opens to a floating black crystal, surrounded by 13 keys in a circle – each representing the different enigmas players must solve.

The online game sets the tone for intrigue. Image courtesy of Louis XIII

“Players will be immersed in Louis XIII’s heritage and history,” Mr. Ferracina said. “We will invite players to utilize their knowledge of how Louis XIII is made, from the selection sourcing of grapes to the aging process, in addition to other fascinating historical details over the past 147 years.”

The prompts vary from trivia about Louis XIII’s history, puzzles and more, with users needing to rely on Cognac knowledge or context clues to solve. Each correct code will then reveal more information about the house.

Players will have six weeks to complete the series of conundrums and have the ability to share their progress on social media, further boosting engagement for Louis XIII.

Those who correctly solve all 13 puzzles will be entered in a drawing to win an exclusive culinary and Louis XIII experience for two.

Those who can complete the online experience will have the chance to enjoy an in-person experience. Image courtesy of Louis XIII

“The details will remain a mystery until unlocked by the most savvy Cognac connoisseurs,” Mr. Ferracina said.

Following the U.S. launch, the experiential game will roll out worldwide. The brand plans to release a second version of Louis XIII Mysteries with new clues and prizes by the end of the year.

Teaching heritage through gaming
Digital experiences are essential in luxury, and Louis XIII is not the first brand to embrace online platforms and games to share more about house traditions.

In honor of its founder’s 200th birthday this year, French fashion house Louis Vuitton invited fans to explore a digital world, leveraging enticing storytelling and graphics to share its brand history.

After downloading “Louis: The Game,” users can play as Vivienne, an adventurous flower character who can wear several Louis Vuitton designs. Players can control her movement using Louis Vuitton’s iconic blossoms as she collects birthday candles and miniature postcards that share fun facts and information about the history of the brand, such as the origin of its monogram (see story).

In a 2016 effort, Italian fashion label Gucci embedded its iconography into consumers’ memories through a gamification effort found within its mobile application. Players were tasked with memorizing new brand motifs as they customized a digital Dionysus handbag, spurring product awareness (see story).

Last year, British automaker Rolls-Royce celebrated its Wraith Kryptos Collection with a cryptography-inspired mobile game. The Kryptos Enigma challenged players with mazes, trivia, observation tasks and cryptographic ciphers (see story).

Following these brands’ lead, Louis XIII applies a similar strategy with its new gaming experience — bringing educational gamification to a new luxury sector.

“Louis XIII’s history dates back to 1874, and over the past 147 years, the legacy and prestige of the brand has been sustained by the uncompromising commitment to upholding tradition and passing down valuable knowledge,” Mr. Ferracina said. “Knowing of our rich history and unmatched craft adds immense value to our clients’ experiences, and Mysteries will allow clients to explore their knowledge and discover fascinating details about Louis XIII.”