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Prada brings luxury touch to life in sensory film

July 30, 2021

Prada examines the sounds and touch of its pieces in the fall/winter 2021 campaign. Image credit: Prada


Italian fashion label Prada is capturing the feelings, both emotional and literal, associated with its clothing and accessories in its fall/winter 2021 campaign.

“Feels Like Prada” is a fashionable take on autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos, sharing the crinkle of leather gloves and jangle of a necklace pendant. The campaign is a creative way to digitally show clothing being felt and experienced, particularly when ecommerce sales continue to grow.

Feels Like Prada
The film features the fall/winter collections for men and women designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. David Sims was responsible for the photography.

It includes a series of close-up shots of different details from the collections, emphasizing everyday sounds rather than a dramatic score and narrative.

For instance, it opens with a tight shot of someone tying their shoelaces. Another early shot shows someone putting on leather gloves and flexing their fingers, creating a satisfying sound from the supple leather.

Prada shares the everyday sounds of its clothing being lived in

A succession of similar shots includes a woman softly brushing the arms of her wool sweater, someone closing their hand filled with candy, a hand playing with a handbag’s sequins. Each time, the sound is emphasized to make the viewer feel as if they were experiencing the sensation themselves.

The montage of crackling leather and clanging jewelry pieces continues, with the words “Feels Like Prada” appearing onscreen – with closeups of the Prada logo, whether on apparel or handbags, instead of text.

Other simple moments captured include zipping up a hoodie, lifting a sweater over your head and the relief of laying down in bed, springy mattress sound and all.

The film concludes by zooming out away from one of the models, revealing they are in a room of a tall building with a patterned façade in the middle of a busy city.

This week, the Italian fashion brand also announced Academy Award-nominated actor and producer Jake Gyllenhaal as the new face for its new, soon-to-be-revealed men’s fragrance. For his advertising debut with the brand, Mr. Gyllenhaal was shot by photographer Sølve Sundsbø for the campaign, which will also include a short film directed by Johan Rench (see story).