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Tiffany creates animated gift guide for Valentine’s Day to celebrate love

January 8, 2014


Jeweler Tiffany & Co. released an animated gift guide Facebook app showing couples and people in love to position itself as the jeweler of choice for consumers looking to purchase a gift for a loved one.

Tiffany has taken a similar format to its holiday gift guide and applied it to Valentine’s Day, an important holiday for jewelers. Due to the whimsical nature of this gift guide, Tiffany is likely to see its fans sharing the content on their Facebook profiles, expanding the reach of the campaign to their networks.

“It appears that the Love, Tiffany app is an attempt to use storytelling to showcase their product line,” said Megan Wintersteen, lead planner, social media at Huge. “The products themselves set the stage for romance/love and therefore become a feature of the story, not the story itself.

“Instead, the story focuses on the meaning behind the gesture: the celebration of love,” she said. “It's smart, especially in the context of the Facebook medium, because wrapping the products within a storyline increases the emotional connection with consumers and subsequently the likelihood that they will share the content – therefore extending reach and engagement.

“They're also capitalizing on an existing consumer behavior of sharing e-card-like posts with friends, which should facilitate amplification.”

Ms. Wintersteen is not affiliated with Tiffany, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Tiffany did not respond by press deadline.

Love story

Tiffany linked to its Facebook app in a post that showed the tile of the guide picturing a couple in a hot air balloon with a basket made out of rings. In the post, the jewelry brand called its app a “celebration of love.”

Facebook post from Tiffany

The app features a tile layout of 24 images, with animated boxes interspersed with images of jewelry pieces.

Love, Tiffany app

When a user clicks on a box, a pop-up appears. If a jewelry item appears, the product information will be listed along with a larger image of the piece.

Next to the animations in the pop-up, Tiffany has written little sayings that correspond to the scene. For instance, the animation with the phrase, “Romeo, wherefore art thou?” depicts a woman standing on a bangle balcony, with a man walking into the picture and singing to her.

Love, Tiffany app

Other animations include a ring rowboat built for two and a person in a prop jet spelling out the word love with the exhaust, which then reveals a diamond necklace with the word spelled out.

Love, Tiffany app

Included in all of the pop-ups are links to buy whichever piece or collection is depicted. The price points of the products featured range greatly, with both heart charm bracelets and engagement rings.

Below the product details are like and share buttons, giving this app the opportunity to reach further than just Tiffany’s fans, as the users spread the images across their Facebook profiles.

The Facebook post about the app had 33,000 likes and approximately 1,500 shares as of press time.

Gifting campaigns

Jeweler Tiffany & Co. used an interactive Facebook app accessible on both mobile and desktop to pique the interest of consumers preparing to shop for the winter holidays.

Tiffany’s “Very Merry Countdown” app’s whimsical animation and seasonal theme attracted affluent consumers looking for a taste of the holidays. The app’s calendar format highlights the jeweler’s traditional association with holidays stemming from its must-see windows displays at its New York flagship (see story).

Unlike Tiffany’s holiday gift guide, this love-themed version does not update daily, and is likely to be looked at less times by consumers, since there will be no new content to look for.

In 2013, Jeweler Tiffany & Co. pushed gifts and engagement rings in a multichannel campaign to catch consumers who were making purchasing decisions for Valentine’s Day.

Tiffany promoted its What Makes Love True campaign and its engagement rings on multiple platforms including social media, print and digital to try to entice affluent couples. The jeweler also pushed a selection of Valentine’s Day gifts through its social media platforms and its Web site (see story).

Because of the nature of social media, the Facebook content will likely reach a larger demographic than Tiffany's intended audience.

"I'd assume they're directly targeting a younger woman, 25-34, probably in a relationship, given the whimsical nature of the animations and even the pieces they chose to feature," Ms. Wintersteen said.

"Their ultimate intent, however, is to reach the significant other by getting the woman to engage with the content," she said. "And this is where the strategy comes in to play.

"If the female consumer shared the product sans storyline to her significant other's wall she would be saying, 'You should buy this for me.'

"Instead, this positioning adds more subtlety for hinting at a gift. 'Hey, I love you. And buying this piece of jewelry is a great way we can celebrate our love.' It sounds a lot better and makes it more permissible."

Final Take
Sarah Jones, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York