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Top 10 luxury brand social videos of Q4

December 20, 2012


Luxury marketers tapped into their creative side while targeting brand enthusiasts through artistic, lifestyle-oriented social videos during the last quarter of 2012.

Social videos seem to give brands the best of both worlds when targeting consumers since they can create and send the initial message and brand enthusiasts will share it with their friends and acquaintances online. The top efforts of the last quarter of 2012 engaged viewers in artistic, visually-pleasing videos or emotionally stimulating, lifestyle-esque short films.

Here are the top 10 luxury brand social videos released during the last quarter of 2012, in alphabetical order:

BMW’s The Road Home
BMW of North America featured the emotions of holiday homecomings in a social video called “The Road Home” that shows a number of trips made in its vehicles and wishes consumers well this season.

The video shows travelers going through the process of making it home for the holidays plus a BMW X series vehicle featured at the end of the spot.

The 60-second video shows the road home through the eyes of the traveler.

The spot begins by showing suitcases being packed up and thrown into cars or taxis. A couple of dogs are shown making the trip home as well. Various modes of transportation are shown such as driving, flying or riding a train.

As the trip is almost complete, a BMW X series vehicle is shown pulling into a driveway.

After the BMW vehicle pulls into the driveway, the video cuts to a white screen that reads, “There’s no road like the road home.”

The Road Home

Cartier’s Winter Tale
French jeweler Cartier was looking to boost sales of its holiday gifts through an animated short film that features products from its men’s and women’s collections.

The film titled “Winter Tale” depicts Cartier’s holiday gift items as its signature panthers explore a tree filled with gifts.

The animated video starts off with an establishing shot of a forest as it zooms in on the two panther cubs sitting in the snow next to a wrapped gift box.

The cubs follow footprints through the snow that lead them to a giant pine tree filled with Cartier products and gift boxes with bows.

The panthers climb through the tree and pass Cartier holiday gifts including numerous watches, a Panthère de Cartier ring, a Trinity bracelet and other gifts for both men and women.

A glowing box sits near the top of the tree. As the cubs reach it, sparkles from the box fly out into the sky and spell out “Winter Tale.”

Winter Tale

Chanel’s Marilyn and N°5 – Inside Chanel
French fashion house Chanel invited consumers to learn the intimate history of its N°5 fragrance through a video featuring Marilyn Monroe that was the second chapter of its Inside Chanel videos.

The “Marilyn and N°5 – Inside Chanel” video runs two and a half minutes long. It starts off with a black background as the words “Inside Chanel” and “Chapitre 2 Marilyn et N°5” appear.

Next, photographs of Ms. Monroe are displayed. The images are Ms. Monroe in Life Magazine and Modern Screen Magazine.

Captions appear between shots. Short video clips are also shown of Ms. Monroe.

Multiple photographs of Ms. Monroe in bed next to a bottle of Chanel N°5 are quickly displayed.

The widely-known quote by Ms. Monroe about her only wearing Chanel N°5 to bed is the theme of the video. It is shown both in writing and heard as a recording of Ms. Monroe's voice at the end of the video.

The video ends with the label’s logo and the Inside Chanel Web site address.

Marilyn and N°5 – Inside Chanel

Christian Dior’s Le Parfum - The Film
French fashion label Christian Dior featured its fragrance J’Adore Dior in a film that tells the story of the creation of the fragrance.

The film, “Le Parfum – The Film,”  has two versions in different lengths. The story remains the same.

One version is approximately 60 seconds and is offered in English. The other version is 22 minutes and in French.

In both versions, the creation of the fragrance is shown with shots of flowers from around the world. The J’Adore Dior is created from the scents of the Damask rose, Arabian jasmine and Indian tuberose.

The film contains short clips showing off each floral ingredient and its international location.

Also, scenes from Murano, Italy, are featured since that is the location where the glass bottles are blown.

The shorter of the two videos shows quick cuts of scenes of flowers and locations around the world.

The story is narrated with a few quick lines about the brand and the fragrance. It ends with a drop of the fragrance dripping down the outline of the bottle as the logo and image of J’Adore appear.

The longer version contains many similar shots as the shorter video, but includes much more detail.

Also, the longer video includes interviews with experts such as Dior’s perfumer-creator François Demachy.

Le Parfum (short version)

Land Rover’s The Collector

Land Rover North America accelerated male interest for the 2013 Range Rover Evoque model via a short film titled “The Collector” that showed off the brand’s history of luxury and capability.

In the film, two time periods are tied together through a narrative about a historical artifact collector who acquires a family heirloom.

The historical aspect combined with the adventure in the film was designed to highlight the brand’s essence of heritage and substance, per Land Rover.

The film begins two centuries ago with a dramatic sinking of a ship.

Then, it jumps forward to the present where a male Land Rover Evoque driver is on his way to collect a personal family heirloom that is from the ship itself. The action in the film transitions it between the two time periods.

The item is carefully transported in the trunk of the Evoque and the driver’s trip home is shown on various terrains.

Next, the driver is shown admiring his collection of historical heirlooms from the ship at his home.

The spot ends with a shot of the 2013 Evoque and the words “Above and Beyond” below it.

The Collector

Louis Vuitton’s L’Invitation au Voyage

French fashion house Louis Vuitton moved into television advertising through its first commercial this year that was part of a multichannel brand awareness campaign.

The L’Invitation au Voyage campaign features model Arizona Muse in a 60-long video.

The video shows the model carrying a Louis Vuitton bag through hallways and eventually into an art museum.

A man's face is shown in the shadows of the hallway as he watches her.

Then, she takes a key necklace off and uses it to open a suitcase laying nearby as the Louis Vuitton logo on her bag is shown close-up.

The woman then runs out to a courtyard where a hot air balloon is waiting.

She jumps in the basket as the balloon rises and the man is left waiting on the ground.

In the last few seconds, she removes an envelope from her bag and smiles as the balloon floats into the sunset.

L’Invitation au Voyage

Mercedes-Benz's thank-you to its Facebook fans

German automaker Mercedes-Benz USA thanked its 9 million Facebook fans by releasing a video featuring its CLS-class vehicle and painting with light special effects.

The video titled “Light-Painting in Real-Time” shows off the automaker’s CLS-class  in a live-action painting with light video by Finnish director Anssi Määttä.

The approximately minute-long video starts off with a black screen with flashes of colored light.

Lights in the air dimly light the area around a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

The lights are first shown around a CLS-class vehicle, then it cuts to an inside the vehicle view of the lights for a couple of seconds.

The number 9 million is drawn out with lights in front of the CLS.

Then the light artist writes “Fans” and “Thank you” with the lights.

The Mercedes-Benz logo also appears along with the other light creations around the vehicle.

Then, the screen cuts to black and text appears that reads, “Mercedes-Benz says thank you for 9,000,0000 fans on Facebook!”

Light Painting in Real-Time

Moët & Chandon USA’s Champagne Day video campaign

Spirits marketer Moët & Chandon USA’s Champagne Day video campaign encouraged social media users to share a branded toast with their friends.

On Champagne Day Oct. 26, the brand released a 22-second video via a post on its social media accounts that told users to post the hashtag #MoëtToast and video to Twitter. This was Moët’s first official foray into social video to test the waters among its social followers.

The tweet read, “Moët & Chandon wishes you a glamorous #ChampagneDay! RT to share a #MoetToast with your friends!” It included a link to the video so that users could expand the tweet and view it below.

The short video earned more than 1 million impressions and 70,000 YouTube views.

Champagne Day video

Tod’s Electric Signature

Footwear designer Tod’s partnered with LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton’s Nowness blog to publish its Electric Signature video that depicted the image behind the Signature Collection.

In the video, flashes of light create designs similar to those in the Electric Signature Collection as electronic music plays.

The flashy computer animated world also shows models with Tod's products walking through the flashing lights.

Other shiny shapes appear throughout the video in a futuristic type of world.

The flashy style of the video reflected the Electric Signature Collection that combined production techniques with the traditional brand artisanal craftsmanship.

Electric Signature

Valentino’s Pop Pois Collection video

Italian label Valentino flaunted its Pop Pois collection through a pop art video embedded on the collection’s Web site that shows off the polka dot products.

The video on the brand's Web site runs approximately 60 seconds and goes through the pink, red, green and blue Pop Pois items in the collection.

Consumers are able to view the video from the Valentino Web site or the email blast.

The collection consists of various items with a similar polka-dot design such as dresses, scarves and shoes.

The polka dots come alive through animation and music during the video. Dots rise and fall together like levels on an audio mixer and the Espadrilles shoes clap together like cymbals.

Also, a shoulder bag spins around as a foulard ties itself around the bag.

Viewers are encouraged to share the video through Facebook and Twitter from the brand's Web site.

Pop Pois

Click here to view the Pop Pois video. 

Final take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York